Solutions Sync: Sprucing up the Human Capital for IT Industry leaders since 2017

Solutions Sync: Sprucing up the Human Capital for IT Industry leaders since 2017

From deploying soldiers for Caesar’s Roman Army to filling the gaps in the workforce created by the men who had left for the war during the industrial revolution, the Recruitment Industry has been thriving. Since its existence from as early as 55BC, the industry has been evolving, moving and maturing with times. Offering the triumphs and trials, the industry today stands open with the biggest change- the flow of information. It’s no longer just about how much data you have in your pocket, it’s about how you exercise the data to match the right candidate to the right job. Diversely, this openness has magnetized competition; not just from the existing leaders but from the fresh companies entering the market with just a phone and internet connection. These new entrants have disrupted the human element of finding the perfect fit for the perfect job.

Monumental disruptions in the business landscape have moved towards the candidate-driven method from the traditional practice of a management-driven approach, thus directly putting the spotlight on the candidate. Chiefly in the IT industry, a hub encompassing a vast range of fields-from early computers to next-gen technologies and innovation. As leading companies across the belt thrust for an added layer of digital dominance, the vogue for IT professionals has stationed them among the most in-demand members of today’s workforce. Today, with all this, the IT industry stands curiously, demanding better, leaner and smarter recruitment leaders who can envelop their expertise with new innovations to differentiate themselves from the competition. To nurture the human capital of the organizations that are on a persistent lookout for the best talent in the market in this disruptive business environment, an 18-year-old Recruitment and contract staffing pioneer is successfully adding value to the Human Asset of the organizations.

Acknowledged for enhancing the retainability of employees for the IT industry leaders, Solutions Sync made a propitious beginning back in 2017 to restructure the IT recruitment industry. Doctored as a 66+IT staffing and solutions provider in Fremont, California with team of Placement and Career Set up EXPERTS and SME’s serving all over USA, Solutions Sync is a team of professional management and staffing development leaders achieving excellence day by day in helping IT professionals find RIGHT JOBS and helping leading clients find RIGHT Solutions. We cater, help and develop talent from experienced professional to freshers. Excellent Training and Development services available for professionals to Learn or to brush up their Business Analysis, Project Management, Quality Analysis- Testing tools Skills and for Freshers to understand current market needs. Solutions Sync is IT Staffing and Solutions Provider in Fremont, California with a team of Placement and Career Set up EXPERTS and SME’s serving all over the USA. We are a team of professional’s management and Staffing development leaders achieving excellence day by day in helping IT professionals find RIGHT JOBS and helping leading clients globally.  Creating the perfect match for the global leaders, Solutions Sync’s endeavor and its pro-customer approach have spearheaded the firm to greater pinnacles in delivering perfect recruitment solutions across the IT industry. The core competency of Solutions Sync lies in effectuating client’s requirements by delivering impeccable Executive search, Contingency Recruitment, Contract Staffing, Contract to Direct Hire, Training & Learning, Management advisory, IT consulting, and RPO services. Nurtured under the dynamic leadership of Miss Afshan Muneer, CEO of Solutions Sync and fostered by the core values- integrity, commitment, quality, and customer satisfaction, Solutions Sync has established itself as the top of the heap within the recruitment industry in such a short span. The organization’s mettle in making human talent hunt a frictionless process despite the odds like global competition, emerging skill shortages and changing demographics have been acknowledged on the global front. Best-in-class standards, commitment to quality and a consistent record of successful placements has cultivated trusted relationships with industry’s leading clients and top-quality candidates… to the benefit of both sides of the employment equation.

Addressing the complexities

Robust Customer retention has always been an incredibly important part of Solutions Sync’s sustainable growth. Solutions Sync has established its niche as a leading company renowned for its expertise in executive search domain by deploying best of the industry’s recruitment methodologies and procedures to discreetly handle middle and senior management mandates, hence adding values to the growing business.

Area of Expertise

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Dynamic Leadership

Afshan Muneer


Afshan Muneer holds 14+ years of experience in Recruitment, Accounts management & Management training programs. She works hard towards utilizing the full potential of employee staffing skills, Career counseling, Bench Sales, Leading Accounts Acquiring & Mining, Account Nurturing, Supervising, Coordinating, Communicating to clients and direct Clients servicing. Afshan Muneer has also served Major clients in past including but not limited to Symantec, Google, TCS, Beach body, Virgin Mobile, Strategism and Canvas Infotech as a level 1 Management development Lead justifying multiple hats as a Vice President, Project Manager, Quality Team Leader, Product Trainer, Soft Skills Trainer, Accounts Managers, Expedite Placement Lead etc.

Moving towards a bright future

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