Samsung Galaxy Fold – Read it before you buy it

Samsung Galaxy Fold – Read it before you buy it

Early this year, Samsung revealed a revolutionary and hyped product called ‘Galaxy fold’. Samsung has always known for its amazing development in smartphone technologies and they are trying to accomplish the same with this phone as well.

When it first arrived, this phone suffers from some problems due to its design which was never thought of by Samsung. It took them almost six months to fix all possible issues and now it is set to release in India.

Samsung galaxy fold will be sold in the Indian market early this October at a price range of over a lakh. This phone is already on sale in the US for $1980.

Well, price is not the main concern for the Indian market but the quality of this device is.

What went wrong with Samsung Galaxy Fold?

If you are not aware of the failure of the Galaxy Fold, then here is a quick summary of it.

Having a folding display in a smartphone was like a dream come true for many tech fans. But this display was more of a curse than a blessing because dust particles was getting trapped under the foldable display and damaged the screen.

There is a thin film on the screen that looks like a screen protector but when it was pulled out it ruined the foldable display and the trapped dust particles were also slowing down the performance of the phone.  Due to these problems, Samsung decided to put the launch of this product on hold to make this device more complete.

Now the South Korean tech giant re-released Samsung Galaxy Fold with some upgrades in its design but still, this device requires more improvement.

Is this device fully upgraded?

With the development in its design, it was believed that this device is now ready for daily use but research by a tech blogger Brian Heater shows that the display of his Galaxy Fold was damaged within 27 hours of purchasing as a weird rainbow spot appeared at the centre. He further says that he didn’t drop it nor did anything which can harm the device.

There was a durability test done by a YouTuber, “Jerry Rig Everything” on Galaxy Fold in which some sand particles were trapped inside the movable joint of this device and caused many problems. It was making a crunching sound which was not pleasant.

Being a delicate device, Samsung has also outlined some guidelines to use this amazing piece of technology.

Does Galaxy Fold Requires more Upgrades?

Samsung was teasing foldable phones for a very long time and when they first unveiled it in front of the world it was a moment of excitement for all technology fans. But yes, this smartphone requires much more upgrade in design and technology as well.

We all have to give Samsung a huge amount of respect for pushing themselves to the new heights of innovation and for doing something which was never thought of by their competitors. Yes, Galaxy Fold is just a beginning of foldable smartphone and with the advancement of technology these smartphones will be more and more popular soon.

Should you buy it?

Despite all this, there will be many people who want to take this latest piece of technology in their hands and experience the innovation. But if you are looking for a daily use smartphone than this device might not be for you as it still requires many updates.

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