Redesigning the future of 3D Printing: VURO

Redesigning the future of 3D Printing: VURO

3D Printing Technology is one of the fastest growing technologies worldwide. Undoubtedly, 3D printing is evolving out as one of the fastest growing arena for the maker community as well. With the dropping costs and increasing quality, 3D printing is wide spreading and is changing the way in which we produce and manufacture things. This technology is creating new opportunities in almost every industry domain, from food to science & technology. With this, there is no denying that this technology is here to stay and change the way we are manufacturing things. Aiming for the sky, a pioneer name has built a niche in the online community of 3D printing space and is ready to revolutionize the 3D Printing and Design market in a way never seen before. VURO, the crown jewel of Surat-based Sahajanand Group of Companies offers a unique online platform for prototyping and rapid manufacturing customized services across India. The unique technology and creative talent has placed VURO in a flourishing position to providing a cost-effective tool to fabricate everything from engineering components to art pieces according to clients’ desire and their needs. VURO is the branch of STPL (Sahajanand Technology Private Limited, Surat, Gujarat), the group acknowledged as a trendsetter in the global diamond industry. This veteran expertise and rich experience is now heralding a new era of 3D printing in India in form of VURO. With diverse range of state-of-the-art equipment, young and creative minds, VURO offers its customers a complete solution for their variant imagination. When the established firms were mastering their experience and expertise in carrying 3D printing to industrial doorsteps only, VURO is incorporated with a vision of channelizing customised 3D printing towards the every industry, every home, every building and every person by endowing a digital platform.  VURO’s convenient and transparent way adds more stars to its galaxy. The company provides an unbiased and a personalized solution for every 3D printing requirement through its digital platform.

  • Print your imagination – 3D Printing Services

Headquartered in Gujarat, VURO ensures a high quality experience for its customers by indulging advanced printing technologies and creative minds, offering the best on its digital platform. Outlined below are the products and services offered by VURO:

  • Think, Create, Surprise – 3D Printing Online Store

The company took up the challenge of providing most advanced quality products without burdening the pockets of the buyers. Bridging the gap through its exclusive online platform and piercing the time to make the customers, VURO is committed towards providing great technology and choice in 3D printing and eliminating the barriers to broad utilization. One can order 3D printed personalized gifts, bespoke jewellery, unique accessories & incredible art products online. This well designed digital platform lets users jump in, order their products, and ensures that users can make simple and intuitive use of VURO’s most valuable offerings and features. VURO caters the demand of its customers in the arena of:

  • 3D PRINT
  • Think something Unique- 3D Selfie

This one of its kind flagship product from VURO is a 3D designed, finely printed miniature of a person. The trained team of VURO first scans the person in real-time and creates a digital 3D representation. Then they work on the rest to make sure the person get the best and detailed avatar of his/her own up-to 12 inches.  The company do offer a personal home-visit 3D scanning with nominal extra charges. The replica can be 3D printed in PLA or ABS material.

  • 3D Designing Training

VURO also offers extensive professional training to become 3D designer. They offer regular seminars and classes at their facility where a student or artist can get step-by-step training to harness power of 3D designing. VURO’s highly trained team can provide necessary coaching and support to help student learn the most versatile techniques of 3D designing and printing. Not only designing, but VURO offers employment and earning opportunities for artists and students.

  • VURO Community – A Journey towards rewarding career

VURO platform also allows designers to use their talent in most interesting and rewarding way. Freelance designers can make money by selling their 3D Designs and models on this platform and can turn their passion into a rewarding career.

The VURO’s seasoned team members and engineers thoroughly understand the specific need of every customer and develop the solution around that need. Other services include 3D Training Workshops, 3D reprap, 3D Modeling, CAD-CAM, Rendering, RPT and much more.

The Sahajanand Group

The Sahajanand Group, based in Gujarat, India is an amalgamation of companies focused on and evolved with – innovation and driven by simple aims including; developing pioneering & smart technologies, achieving optimum automation, and improving various aspects of life. Currently, the group has major presence in the fields of diamond processing technologies, advanced medical technologies and life sciences. The group, swiftly expanding its global footprints, has been a trendsetter in its chosen fields.

Sahajanand Technologies (P) Ltd. (STPL)

STPL is engaged in developing cutting edged technological solutions for the diamond industry. Incorporated in 1993, STPL has carved a niche for itself and become one of the very few global companies that offer total solutions for every stage of diamond manufacturing. 

Moments, milestones and accolades:

Moments, milestones and accolades:

The Adroit Minds

Mr. Bhargav Kotadia (Executive Director)

Mr. Bhargav Kotadia is the executive director, Sahajanand Group of Companies. His association with STPL began in 2011 when he joined Sahajanand Life Sciences, as the Director with the responsibility of business development operations in North America and South East Asia and marketing operations globally. Mr. Bhargav has pursued Bachelor of Science (Economics) from the Purdue University.

Mr. Rahul Gaywala (CEO)

Mr. Gaywala joined STPL in 1993 as EDP Manager, and later progressed up the ladder as the IT Head and then as the CEO of STPL. In these 25 years, his contribution in revolutionizing the diamond industry has been immense. Apart from being a visionary, he is also an innovator, a motivator and a technocrat. He has his hands comfortable on optimization techniques and risk management.

VURO is successfully stepping ahead in catering a common platform for both the designers and buyers community and bringing 3D designs to life at the best affordable price and best quality. The firm is moving ahead on its path to success actively. Now it is looking forward to tap its reach PAN India.

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