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Terralogic Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Internet of Things with each passing day is simply becoming a hyperactive fragment embedded in our everyday routine, be it work or home. The popularity and need for this segment have only amplified over time across industries, from healthcare to retail, everyone is up for grabs.

Of course, the term does not pop up that often, as it is a trendy buzzword thrown in by the technology industry and not a lot of people are familiar with the title of the revolution they are becoming a part of today. The time isn’t very far when all our devices like kitchen appliances, TVs, watches, tablets, smart gates or locks, security cameras, cars, phones, etc. would go online and cordially communicate.

Hence, under the proficient learning ofRenilKomitla, President & CEO, Terralogic Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. thought of keeping up with the technology trends that are changing the way we live play and work.

Renil and his team at Terralogic is working hard and serving effective solutions to the trends that are taking over the market of ‘Internet of Things’ like the souk forecast of this technology becoming more mobile friendly, the inclination of it in the healthcare and retail industry, the growing security concerns of business houses, marketers using more and more IoT, common usage of smart devices and more.


RenilKomitla, President & CEO, Terralogic Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd is an Engineering Management professional with excellent skills in Product Development, Quality, and IT Services & Technical Support Operations. He as an entrepreneur works on improving the Infrastructure facilities for people in smaller towns in India. He specializes ina plethora of verticals like Business Development, General Administration, Product Development, Test & Quality, Customer Support/Technical Support, Offshore Operations, IT Operations (Desktop Support, Vmware, and Server support, RIM, DR and Data Backups) and more.


At Terralogic, it is perceived that IoT is at the core of the industry shift we are witnessing, where there are machine-to-machine and machine-to-human interactions. They are making our investments in this space and taking it to fruition with the trend. They operate as value-adding partners, offering incredible services in the space of software product engineering, IT services, UX design services, embedded engineering to facilitate digital-transformation.

The growth of this venture is subtly and positively qualified as Organic and inorganic growth. And this growth archetype is fashioned by the business motto of pursuing the right ethics, commitment, and discipline, as well as going above and beyond striving for customer satisfaction.


As much as Terralogic identifies the strategic roadmap to believe in creating and leveraging the partner eco-system to deploy IoT, they also do not shun away the fact that there is a lack of standards overall in the market that acts as a challenge towards implementation. With the changing time, they feel India is maturing as a market. However, there is a long time to go, for any IoT product, the basic infrastructure of providing connectivity needs to be in place. India is not 100% there yet in terms of this connectivity layer to fuel explosion in IoT products in the near term.

A number of risks and challenges lay ahead in the route of IoT like no standards at system, connectivity, cloud or application levels which makes interoperability a task. Likewise, extreme implementations of IoT with AI/ML application on the data harnesses might deem average human thinking levels, lowered with way more than the required level of automation in play. Another concern is that the unemployment rate for the non-tech segment will be on the rise if we did not bring in an up-skill at each level.


There are a number of reasons to validate that Internet of Things would be a success in the coming years because everyday trillions of devices are getting connected to the “internet” becoming data sources to be actioned upon to elevate our standards of living, the longevity of lives, pro-active measures versus reactive in any segment.

IoT is going to change every facet of our day-to-day lives. We will, in the coming years witness immense growth through organic and inorganic means, while providing employment, creating a differentiator in the services industry.


Rightly said “moment of success” as success is one word that does not settle at one point. There have been multiple moments, getting the first MSA signed with a fortune 500 company, to becoming a value-adding a partner to many companies big and small where Terralogic’s true worth is leveraged and appreciated.

The CEO, RenilKomitla was accredited with a feature in ’30 young and dynamic entrepreneurs to watch in 2019’ and Terralogic was featured as one of the ’10 Most advanced QA and Testing company of 2019’.


At Terralogic, it is recognized that technology coupling with preparedness in the industry is key pre-cursors to the growth of a company. The technology landscape shifts constantly and figuring out a mechanism that helps keep pace with changing technology trends, preparedness to take on the leap is the secret sauce.

Continue to learn each day to master this secret recipe. No short cuts here. The best way to make use of your time is to prioritize and assign time slots to the ranked subjects of work.

Terralogic is determinedly working towards an even faster and stable network that will interconnect our offices, homes and mobile devices to each other which would eventually broaden the scope of IoT drastically. They’re refining the era of technology encouraging ideas of a smart city where day to day amenities would be networked and data analysis would generate an environment that is more urban-friendly and efficient. They have successfully accelerated the process to create trends that make your life easier, secure and more convenient than it ever was.


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