Morph Digital Solutions: Gliding Peerlessly With Creativity, Content and Coding


Morph Digital Solutions: Gliding Peerlessly With Creativity, Content and Coding

If content is drug and technology is weed, then they are the Gangsters manufacturing the amalgamation.  They are the‘creative masterminds’ of Morph Digital Solutions, a content creation studio across devices, platforms, media and technologies. Coded in 2008, Morph Digital Solution is a madhouse, and home to artists, animators, writers, engineers, and consultants. This 9 years old whiz-bang has emerged out as one stop studio for video content and immersive engagement delivering more than 500 films and applications to enterprises and agencies across 9 countries. Started out as a proprietary firm, Morph Digital solution became a private limited company in 2012.  Headquartered in Bangalore, India, the company addresses partners and clients in every corner of the world. Morph’s mission is to create fresh, attention-grabbing content across platforms, devices, and venues. From apps for smart watches, mobiles, tablets, and desktops; all the way to AR, 3D projection mapping, and wireless beacons. While that’s all futuristic and high-tech, Morph Digital Solutions is a pioneer in making a ton of custom videos, in 2-D and 3-D animation, as well as live action. And Morph takes the animation trip as far as graphic novels and comics, too! 

What makes Morph Digital Solutions leader of the pack?

Well the answer is coded and pen down simply, ‘Morph lives and breathes Content and Technology.’

Product Portrait


Morph develops and delivers Applications for desktops, mobile, smart watch, tablets, smart tables, touch, gesture and any new tech that wakes it up tomorrow morning. Along with services for clients, the company also actively collaborates in building products incarnated by three keywords; quiet, handsome and uncomplicated. Morph deals in creating applications which are:

  • Touch Based and Multi-Touch
  • Gesture Based
  • Motion Tracking
  • Sensor Based
  • Mobile and Tablet
  • Smart Surface


It is the future. With its capabilities in creating content and building applications, this is something that comes naturally to Morph Digital Solutions. Hence, the company serves as a common platform for content and app building.


  • Marker based Apps
  • Non – Marker based Apps
  • Applications for Microsoft Hololens


  • For mobiles and tablets
  • For head mount devices: Oculus and HTC VIVE
  • 360 Degree videos


Projection comes naturally to Morph since Morph nestlescontent building capabilities. The team is well equipped with talent and technology to create that wow experience through good story telling and mind boggling in 3d projection mapping, holographic content, mesh projections to any new technology on various surfaces.

  • 3D Projection Mapping
  • Holographic Projection


The company offers animation production services in 2d, 3d, motion graphics, stop motion and also have capabilities in live + cg. Morph Digital Solutions work extensively with advertising agencies for their clients and also with advertisers directly. From ideation, scripting, story boards, concept art, animation or live shoot, post production, vfx, voiceovers and music, the entire film making process is offered by them for every type of media and device.

  • 2D Animation
  • 3D Animation
  • Motion Design
  • Live + CG

Morph Digital Solutions has worked with many renowned clients namely, TCS, Bharti AXA, Rakuten, Brillio, Tata Elxsi, Wipro, TCS, Maxus Global, etc by delivering over 500 projects.

Standing Above Normative Ideas: Morph’s Sui- Generous Solutions

Morph Conference App

It is a web based mobile application that allows participants to a conference get connected and stay informed.With an easy to use back end content management system, an event manager can upload information, presentations, images and videos related to the conference for its participants to access.

Car Configurator

At car retail outlets, walk in customers can be provided with an Ipad with a pre installed Car Configurator application. It lets their customers to view different models and customize their cars to see how it looks before making a purchase and may view the customization on a large screen display. This UNREAL ENGINE + MAYA platform based on the car- creator’s needs posses configuration features to Change Alloys, Car Color, Lights on/off, Doors Open/ Close with custom options for Car models exteriors and Interiors.

Virtual Home Tour

Interested Home Buyers can be transported into the home they want to buy and look around to feel the virtual space wearing the HTC Vive head mounted virtual reality device and get to enter a virtual apartment or villa to feel the space to scale.

Interactive Wall

‘A good solution to present concepts, demos and infographics.’

Any wall can be converted into an interactive wall with sensors and a projector along with few pre printed graphics to match the projection where users can touch and click on graphic and illustrations and bring them to life.

The Ninja behind Morph Digital Solutions

“We’re a bunch of artists and geeks who make creative content across media… and build the tech needed to deliver it.”-Anirudh Goutham, Founder & CEO,Morph Digital Solutions

Chief of tribe, Anirudh holds 15 years experience in advertising, integrated communications, business development and sales. He gladly shares his tale and eternal attachment with Morph Digital Solutions, “I always wanted to sell creative services and after my stint with Tata Elxsi’s VCL, I decided to set up my own animation studio and today we have evolved into a future tech content creation studio.I get in the moolah and the rest of them manage and deliver projects. We’ve been around for 9 years, but we’re still learning, building, growing… Morphing!”The Mastermind is quite busy these days looking forward to expand into markets outside India.

Morph’s Tour De Force

Morph, along with its robust creative and techno savvy minds has been striding on the path to success outreaching numerous milestones. Outlined below are the few:

2012: launched technology division

2016 opened sales office in Dubai

2016: Client: Wipro Treasury DNA

Agency: NA

Best Video of the Year – Sales: Product or Service – Gold Winner

2013: Client: Wipro – Future of Retail

Agency: NA

The Award: Recognized as one of the best videos on retail.

Client: Toah’s Ark – In House Short Film

Agency: NA

The Award: Best Animated Short Film.

2014: Client: Wipro MFT

Agency: NA

The Award: Best Online Video of the Year- Gold Winner.

Client: Coromandel Group

Agency: Grey Worldwide, Bangalore

The Award: National Award for Best Corporate Film.

From here to eternity

The studio in Bangalore will become the content creation hub while we open more sales presence across the globe. To accessorize its global reach, Morph Digital Solutions aims for setting up Offices in Singapore in 2017 and in London in 2018. The company also plans to open an experience zone for clients to experience its finest technology and services in Bangalore and Dubai.


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