How do I bring traffic to my new website? Or How I end my struggle with driving re-traffic to my website?

A very common question by bloggers and entrepreneurs who wants to strive at their venture has a simple answer the answer is backlinks. Continue reading to know various effective ways you can create backlinks.

What is a backlink?

Any link on the internet that drives user back to your website is a backlink. Building backlinks is not a new tool of building organic traffic, but some of the types of them are harmful than helpful for your website.

What should I take care of while creating backlinks?

It is of no use if you have irrelevant and low-quality backlinks, hence while targeting websites to ask for backlinks, DA or Domain Authority is important. A good DA is usually between 60-70 for websites.

Some backlinks types like comment backlinks, forum backlinks and directory submission have become obsolete methods and should be avoided

Besides, these basic factors, your backlinks should be ‘do-follow’, so that Google bots also come to your website and you have a better chance at ranking on google.

So, how do I build backlinks for my website which do not cost be a penalty along with zero traffic?

Relevancy of the website page or blog that is offering a do-follow link to your website is important. You should not have a link from the dairy industry blog for your brand belonging to the fashion industry.

Anchor text remains an important factor as it is the keyword used to make the backlink.


Study Competitor Backlinks And Build Yours (With Relevant Tools)

From free tools like Ubersuggest to paid tools like Ahrefs, there are tools to help you rank better and beat the competition by analysing who is it that is offering backlinks to the current Google SERP rank holder. 

Create List Of All Ranking Domains

All you have to do is search the targeted keyword you want to rank on (say best backlink research in 2020). Now, you will have several domains in the SERP or Search Engine Research Page and all the domain which are on the first page are trending. You can make the list of domains that are ranking.

Use Tools

  • Aherf

Open these pages and copy their URL one by one and add it on the ‘Site Explorer’ on Aherfs. 

  • Ubersuggest

You can also use Ubersuggest tool and paste the URL in backlinks section under Site Analyser which you can see as an option in the sidebar.

Filter the List

Now that you have a list of websites and URLs which are offering links to the ranking website, their DA and anchor text. Then, filter your result with ‘do-follow’ backlinks and get a list of all the websites which link back to the highest-ranking blog.  

Perform a similar process with all the websites ranking on page 1 of SERP.

Contacting The Websites

There is a chance that most of the websites offering backlinks will have a high DA that means that you will have to contact them and ask for a backlink, for which they may charge or not if you have high-quality content.

You can add the extensions to your chrome to see all the email address of the websites or you can visit contact pages of the websites.

Requesting Backlinks

The last step in backlinks crafting is an excel sheet with email id, URLs and basic information like first and last name of the official who will be contacted through emails.

This process is usually outsourced by many people as they ask professionals through websites like freelancer.com to create these lists with at least 100-200 entries. 

Next, you need to craft an effective email to ensure your email is opened and you get positive responses to strike a deal.

You can use tools like Ninjaoutreach, buzzreach or Gmass for a free alternative to send emails and request for a do-follow backlink for your brand.

At the core of it, backlinks are useful but they cannot beat good content. If you are offering your target audience with information they need, comprehensive or brief but relevant, then, this process of creating backlinks is the icing on the cake to rank your website.


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