Inspirria Cloudtech: The new age cloud solution

Inspirria Cloudtech: The new age cloud solution 

Inspirria Cloudtech, founded by Mr. Biswas Nair, has been a pure play Cloud solution provider from its inception and is one of the pioneer Cloud Aggregators or Cloud Services Brokerage firm focusing on providing an integrated single Cloud based solutions which includes ERP, CRM, E-commerce, HR, Project management, Productivity & Collaboration. The management comes with a background of being in the cloud for 12 years with over 400+ projects. Inspirria Cloudtech has partnered with NetSuite, Salesforce, Google, Box, Docusign & OneLogin in our portfolio.The company has its headquarter in India along with branch offices in the UAE and the USA.

As per the demand in Indian Market, Cloud based solutions have been becoming apreferable solutions in the market and are readily accepted now. However, it is not easy to move towards the cloud business for the companies and they are probably realizing that it is actually not simple to do. In fact, dealing business with many cloud services providers is also not a convenient task, working with many cloud service providers means managing multiple relationships and negotiating multiple contracts. Here, multiple contracts mean multiple payments, multiple passwords, multiple data, and multiple providers to check up on which may affect the management while managing multiple services together.

Inspirria Cloudtech, as a Cloud Aggregator, works to add value to cloud services on behalf of the needs of its customers. The goal of the company is to make the services more specific to a company, or to integrate or aggregate services, to enhance their security, or to do anything, which adds a significant layer of value (i.e. capabilities) to the original cloud services being offered.

Solution/Product Offerings / Business

Inspirria Cloudtech, since inception itself, it has been a pure-play Cloud Services Company and has been providing multiple fruitful services to its clients. The company has been able to make the consumers well satisfied during providing its services like ERP, CRM, E-commerce, HR, Project management, Productivity and Collaboration through its partnerships with leading Cloud solutions like NetSuite, Salesforce, Google, Box, Docusign and Onelogin.

About Clients

As the company has been providing effective and fruitful services to its clients, there is team of more than 100+ people having skills, talent and zeal, have been utilizing their complete potential to fulfill the needs of their clients. Over 400+ clients have been already served with needful services by Inspirria Cloudtech where few of leading clients are Unilever, Novartis, RK FoodLands, Quick Heal, Brillio, Olympus, NCR, Swift Page, Omeir Bin Yusuff Group, Gulf Business Machines, Starlink, and Axtria. In fact,some of these deals have been won against players like SAP & Microsoft aswell as leading System integrators like Infosys, TCS, Accenture & Wipro. However, Inspirria Cloudtech has its own parameter to work and provide remarkable along with affordable services.

Let’s know more about its differentiate factors

Inspirria Cloudtech is a completely Cloud focused company which offers integration capabilities with clients existing cloud or on-premise applications. Being a Cloud Aggregator, the company offers a one-stop shop for the clients for all their cloud application needs. Its consultative skills with local presence in various geographical locations, today Inspirria Cloudtech and its management have more than 12 years of Cloud Experience with 400+ Cloud clients across the globe and 83+ cloud consultants.

Inspirria Cloudtech is India’s first and only Cloud Service Broker (CSB) of its kind and serves as a single point of contact by aggregating multiple cloud services, integrating them with in-house apps, supporting and customizing them for proper usage within the organization.

The company’s expertise lies in the spaces of enterprise applications such as ERP, CRM, HRMS, E-commerce, Project Management, Productivity and Collaboration. It takes pride in it’s ability to provide tailor made solutions leveraging its expertise in smartly distributed worldwide office locations. Liaising in partnerships with leading cloud solutions,Inspirria Cloudtech believes that the team has the perfect combination of the innovative practices of a startup company and the tried and tested trust from established partners, a lethal combination in today’s unpredictable IT scenario. “We are your transformational partners to your business strategy using Cloud based technology tools.” Inspirria Cloudtech.

Inspirria Cloudtech’s vision to solve some of basic business issues through its services. 

The company’s own voice:

  • Single View of your Business: Traditionally the CEO’s have looked at data from disparate systems or worked on excel add on kind of reports whereas the need is of a real-time system through a single dashboard to get a pulse of their business and more importantly help in taking smart decisions.
  • Ineffective Financial Business Operations & Compliance: Over the years, the CFO role has broadened dramatically, so, today; the position belies the sheer breadth and depth that spans the role. Beyond the core responsibilities of financial reporting, audit and compliance, planning, treasury, and capital structure, CFO’s are, increasingly, playing a more prominent role in corporate portfolio management and capital allocation. Our Solution offerings enables you to manage your core business processes while allowing flexibility in a changing business environment saving costs, managing risks, driving productivity and managing compliance – thus allowing you to grow your business.
  • Under or Over Investment in IT & Risk of Scalable, Secure & Available Solution: Today’s CIOs have to be more versatile and more attuned to business strategy. They have to seek out innovative ways to leverage emerging technologies and business models in the value chain to improve business performance and stay competitive. Inspirria’s Cloud based offerings are delivered on a SaaS platform enabling you to take advantage of the latest technology, efficiencies and innovations, while saving time and money by shouldering the burden of maintenance and hosting—and ensuring seamless upgrades.
  • Utilization of Financial Resources and Capital Expenditure: Cloud infrastructure eliminates the need for maintenance of hardware, servers, databases, backups, upgrades and IT infrastructure. A single version of the truth across the entire organization offers unprecedented efficiency and accuracy for meeting audit, reporting and compliance requirements.

Road Map & Future Plans

As per Gartner, an American research and advisory firm providing information technology related insight,the future of IT service is Cloud Service Brokerage. Inspirria Cloudtech would like to ride on the momentum based on the prediction for the maturity and growth for Cloud Aggregators. The company also finds many existing System integrators are migrating to be Cloud Aggregators and that will also help see the growth in this space. The future road map is as follow:-

  • To consolidate & grow the Asia & Middle East market which are still at nascent stage.
  • Increase the Sales presence and client acquisition in North America.
  • Expand into Europe and Far East Asia.
  • Increase the solution portfolio with additional Cloud products.
  • Increase the Professional services team strength – both onshore in various geographies and offshore in India.
  • Sustain our revenue and profit margins to re-invest.
  • Plan for an IPO by 2020 to be one of the first Cloud Service Brokerage to list on the exchange.

 Awards & Recognitions

As per the remarkable effort, Inspirria Cloudtech has been recognized as a Cloud Champion and Premier 100 companies by IDG Group. The company was awarded as a winner in the Red Herring Asia 100 and it has been also named as the Top 10 promising Cloud companies to watch by a leading global publishing house. Inspirria Cloudtech has been the awarded in the past EMEA and APAC partner of the year by NetSuite and is rated as a 5 star partner, the highest in the NetSuite ecosystem.

Key Executive

Mr. Biswas Nair

Biswas Nair, the founder and the Managing Director of Inspirria Cloudtech, is a well-qualified and skilled business leader. He has earned his beholder in Electronics Engineering from Nagpur University and an MBA from Pune University. He has been passionate about introducing path breaking & innovative technology solution for the Indian enterprises and launched Inspirria Cloudtech. The focus was on building a leading Cloud Aggregator company aka Cloud Service Brokerage in the leading technology consulting firm Gartner’s parlance, especially in Software as a Service (SaaS) space and offer a one-stop shop for clients for all their Cloud needs.

His past experience has been in leading Technology Research and Consulting firms like EDS Technologies, Gartner Inc. and Forrester Research Inc. He is a regular speaker at Computer Society of India, Confederation of Indian Industries, and Software Association of India like Nasscom. He is respected as a thought leader in various leading Indian publications and does pen his thoughts on technology directions. He is also associated with leading institutes in Pune University like Symbiosis and is actively involved in industry – academia initiatives.

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