In the digital era, as mobile phones have given various channels to reach the target audience, video marketing is boosting today. From a startup brand to the corporate giants who have been in the industry for decades, every brand has been leveraging the opportunity of digital platforms and contemporary marketing via videos and the industry is rapidly changing with the latest video production trends 2020.

Over the years, we have witnessed a change around us that is evident in the effect of the internet. Today, with increasing digitisation, higher usage of internet, rising incomes and evolving lifestyles, Indian Media and Entertainment sector is on the path to becoming the 2nd fastest growing advertising market in Asia after China. This is inclusive of the various segments like television, print, films, OOH and digital, radio, animation and gaming, and music.

Witnessing exponential growth in the industry, corporate video is any type of non-advertisement based video content created for and commissioned by a business, company, corporation, or organization. The umbrella term used to define all video communications used for internal or external corporate messaging; corporate videos are a powerful tool to give a real dynamic to your professional communication.

Why Corporate Videos are a trend?

A great promotional tool and the best alternative for PowerPoint presentations expressive the company culture to the potential hires who you are and what you stand for. It sets clear expectations, making it easier to decide for prospective people looking for association with the brand.

In a changing environment, where more interactive exchanges are taking over the traditional methods of approaching clients, a corporate video is also shared in the public domain to spread a brand’s name.


There are several aspects of the video production that result in a corporate video that is relevant and grasp the audience’ eyes as soon as they view and hear it. Be it a serious, funny, touching, inspiring or any other plot that one wants to highlight. While these are the ‘idea’ aspect of things, today, one can actually leverage technology to create a video better cheaper and more defined than before.

From new cameras that allow cinematographers to shoot in a higher definition to the other tools that save the time and budget in post-production, Technology has had a great impact on many phrases of the process. Thus, here is each of the process; every video production company performs along with the latest video production trends 2020:

Phrase 1: Pre Production: The initial and most important aspect of the video production that creates the underlining of what the result will look like is done in this phrase. During this stage, the prime focus is usually on that process of creating a video which is all about preparation and setting the groundwork. The essentials at this stage are planning, research, problem-solving, and organization necessary to set your video project up to be successful. Video production trends 2020 in pre-production stage are:

  • Data Insights: As one might be planning to launch the video on online channels like social media, one can also avail the insights about the audience to get a clearer picture of who they are driving their video for and how they react. Technology has democratized video production, and the consumption trends as one can evidently see through the ever so increasing viewers worldwide.

 In a competitive environment where people have been already uploading videos, one can increase the chances that their video creates an impact with the strong content strategy backed with the insights into audience consumption habits.

  • Long-form Content: An important part of strategising is the length of the content created. The memes suggesting modern audiences have a short attention span; brands are focusing on using long-form content. The 10 or 30 minutes running content provides several strategic benefits as the storytelling creates an opportunity to connect with an audience emotionally.

Phrase 2: Production: In this stage, the actual work begins, al the plans and strategies comes into action. Hence, we will share with the various equipment and tools that are revolutionizing the video production industry currently. Video production trends in 2020 in the production stage are:

  • Higher K devices and Panoramic Camera: We have transitioned from an era of fair resolutions in early 2000s to an era where one can people are looking to change from 1080p to 4K screens while higher resolution cameras continue to emerge. Adoption of 4K is what we have witnessed in 2019.

As the innovation will not slow down and 4K will be seen not only on the televisions and movie theatres, it’s also available on mobile phones. Thus, having a hand on 4k resolution cameras is a great thing to do for shooting and capturing the finest details. A Paranomic camera allows 360-degree shooting creating a four-way or all-around camera, equipped with multi-directional cameras for the same.

  • GoPros, Drones, and Other Trendy Equipment: Presently, every brand is equipped with the capacity to get their hands on professional-grade video production equipment and most smartphones can shoot in 4K, edit any clips, and post to a channel within minutes.

From stylish 360 degrees video to aerial footage from the latest drone, today the latest equipment is launching with the built-in knowledge and algorithms on everything including filmmaking techniques and corrective obstacle avoidance.

Phrase 3: Post Production: From editing to promoting a video, every aspect of the process of video production leads to adding final touches to the video before it reaches the audience. Video production trends 2020 in production stage are:

  • Cinemagraphs: Well, if you break down the term you will get two key terms “cinema” and “graphs” which is creating a significant leap in a lot of brand marketing today. It is not just looped animation of the scenes pulled from popular movie or television show for social posts but they are the small details that are artistically designed where most of it still.

For example water trickling, a drink pouring, or smoke over a fire. They are created via image editing software which creates cinemagraphs that is leading video production trend 2020.

  • VR video stitching and post-production: If you are working with the VR integrated video shot on the paranomic camera, VR video production stitching will affect the watching feel. If one has a business which is large with widespread locations, VR might just play a part in the future of maintaining singular processes throughout their company.
  • Live Video and Streaming Channels: The trendiest trend today is the live video which is more accessible than ever. Over two-thirds of all internet traffic is streaming videos and brands can get a benefit from these. In post-production, live streaming on Youtube and social media channels like IGTV and Facebook are striving to be one of the leading video production trends in 2020.

The brands can also stream webinars, workshops, or live q&A sessions with a company leader. This creative way of promotion can be recorded and edited for future use. It can be easily repackaged and repurposed for later use.

  • Auto Captioning All Videos: While brands aim to reach the audience, social media is the key medium via which often audiences come across new video content now. Social media channel that supports video sharing like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter have user experience where it’s a fast scroll, one where audio-on isn’t a default setting which means captions means a lot.

Captioning videos allows an insight into what the video is about and is great for user experience as well as improving SEO and increasing video search potential along.

Bottom Line:

If you are a part of the corporate video production company, the listed software are essential for you. From pre-production to post [production, here we have shared insight for you to ensure that you are aware of the trends that are shaping the industry today including aspects from what kind of content to be created, the cameras to be used and how to promote the videos. We hope that with this comprehensive view you can create a trending video for brands.

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