IDEMIA: Empowering daily lives through trusted identities

IDEMIA: Empowering daily lives through trusted identities

Present-day, it is no surprise that the pace of change quickens with each passing moment. The world is shifting from an ownership economy to a services economy, and this progress is generating a spike in exchanges and new business models by involving new sectors, new players, new issues, and new threats. IDEMIA understands the security concerns that accompany advancement and draws on a vast array of highly advanced biometric authentication and ID verification technologies to reinvent the concept of identity. It is called Augmented Identity – an identity that ensures privacy and trust and guarantees secure, authenticated, and verifiable transactions. IDEMIA is the global Leader in Augmented Identity with 13,000 employees around the world, serving clients in 180 countries.

To gain further insight, we spoke to Sanjeev Shriya, the Regional President of IDEMIA in INDIA who is successfully spearheading the company in India. Here are edited excerpts.

Throw some light on IDEMIA and its operation.

Think of a world where you can get to an airport’s Duty-Free area in less than 10 minutes.

Imagine hiring a car without having to take out your wallet: just a quick smile at your smartphone with no more paperwork.

Think of a future where you could open a bank account in just a few seconds, on-site or remotely.

Could you imagine a world infinitely secure and yet so simple?

IDEMIA, the global leader in Augmented Identity strives to make this a reality through its newly devised concept of reinvented identity.

IDEMIA’s ambition is to enable a secure and trusted environment for citizens and consumers alike to perform their daily critical activities (such as pay, connect, travel, vote or access public or private spaces), in the real as well as digital worlds. IDEMIA is constantly disrupting the market by providing end-to-end solutions enabling convenience and a frictionless experience whenever and wherever security matters.

IDEMIA Global Factsheet

  • Close to $3B in revenues
  • 13,000+ employees, including 2,000+ in R&D
  • More than 80 nationalities
  • $200M+ in R&D in 2017 and over 1,500 active patent families
  • Large scale card production
  • 90+ major wins in eSIM Subscription Management Platform
  • 250M+ embedded Secure Elements deployed worldwide
  • 800M+ SIM cards shipped in 2018
  • 800M+ payment cards produced in 2018
  • 3B+ identity documents issued worldwide

What is Augmented Identity?

Augmented Identity, a concept pioneered by IDEMIA, is centred on using identity or one’s unique biometric features to transform the way of paying, traveling, and communicating in today’s world. Through Augmented Identity with privacy and trust at the core of our technologies, we have reinvented the concept of identity making it easy for you to verify your identity with just your biometric features while being assured that it cannot be stolen, imitated, questioned or corrupted. Augmented Identity is enforcing one straightforward thing that is ‘Only You Can Be You’ and giving you direct control over your digital identity.

What is IDEMIA’s DNA?

IDEMIA’s DNA is driven by innovation and its strong and advanced technologies which combine latest innovations like Artificial Intelligence and cloud cryptography with biometric identity to ensure privacy and guarantee secure, authenticated and verifiable transactions in the physical and digital world.

IDEMIA aims to empower daily lives by creating secure and trusted identities by forming an interoperability of identity with digital exchanges, bringing down chances of fraudulent access to zero. At IDEMIA, we continue to adapt and anticipate the evolving security demands of today and tomorrow, with the ever changing landscapes of our digital and physical world.

What about IDEMIA in India? In what way has IDEMIA in India disrupted the market?

India is one of IDEMIA’s most important regions employing 3,000 people in R&D, Manufacturing and Business Development functions. IDEMIA has been in India for about 20 years and thanks to our know-how and disruptive approach, we have grown consistently year on year. We have a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Noida where we produce more than 600 million sim cards and credit cards per year for the Indian market as well as for our global clients. This plant which uses the latest eSIM and SIM technologies is where we created the first biometric license for India.

IDEMIA in India has always led innovation in the country be it in telecom, identity, and security, health care or payments landscape.  IDEMIA has facilitated safer roads in several states in India with Automated Driving Test Track solution which has instilled transparency and competency in the driving test process and has also considerably reduced the waiting time in the Driving License issuance process as the entire process has become automated.

IDEMIA has been evolving its technologies and disrupting the market in India for decades now, as we partner with India’s largest banks, telecom operators nationwide as well as government services to improve the daily lives of citizens and consumers alike to perform their daily critical activities in the physical as well as digital space.

IDEMIA India Factsheet

  • 1996 – 1st SIM card issued in India
  • 1998 – World’s 1st Biometric Driving License
  • 2002 – India’s 1st Smart card OS – Co-created SCOSTA (Smart Card Operating System)
  • 2007 – Co-created India’s largest Health Insurance program framework blueprint for the world; enrolled over 35Mn
  • 2011 -12 – India’s 1st biometric enrolment for a common identity number in India.
  • 2012 -2013 – One of the largest corporate adoptions of biometric security – a Created corporate biometric market with India’s banking program
  • 2014- 15 – the assisted launch of Prime Minister’s Jan Dhan Yojana. 100 Mn Cards delivered to the leading Banks in India
  • 2014- 15 – India’s first eKYC solution at Oriental Bank of Commerce
  • 2016 – Billionth Biometric enrolment for India’s Identity platform
  • 2019 – Facilitating touchless biometric attendance management system to a leading PSU

Could you tell us about R&D at IDEMIA & in India?

R&D has always been at the very core of all IDEMIA’s applications, and we strive daily to develop technological innovations of the future.  In India, we are developing technology not just for the Indian market, but also for tens of thousands of clients all over the world. We have more than 300 people in R&D in our dedicated Digital Lab who make use of the latest technologies in Biometrics, AI, Cloud services, and cryptography to create innovative solutions for our global as well as Indian clients. We hire the best talent in the Industry and have state of the art facilities at our IDEMIA Tower to create a conducive work environment for our young talent.

Zestful Leadership

Sanjeev Shriya

IDEMIA India Regional President

Sanjeev Shriya is the Regional President of IDEMIA in INDIA and has spent his entire career in similar businesses. He has spearheaded the biometric movement in India and has helped create policies, processes, and solutions that have impacted millions across the globe. Sanjeev holds 20 years of experience in Telecommunication, Wireless, and Technology space.

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