How Technology is Changing the Future of Logistics

How Technology is Changing the Future of Logistics

Pulkit Sharma || The CEO Magazine

The advancement of technology is pushing the limits and disrupting the whole business world. Today, it is quite normal to have everything on our fingertips, all thanks to the internet and technology. With this evolution of technology, it is possible to receive a parcel within 24 hours of ordering it.

Continuous development in technology has also enhanced productivity in the supply chain by reducing the cost and errors. The whole logistics industry is getting benefits due to this technological reconstructing, be it international transportation, shipment tracking, trucking transportation and supply chain management. Below, we have mentioned 5 significant technologies that are changing how the logistics industry is operating.

  1. Shipment Tracking System

In the last decade, when customers used to order something they were given an estimated delivery date and then were left in the dark until they decided to call and ask for the status. But now, because of internet and advanced software a user can track the real-time status of their order anytime. This tech not only enhances the user experience but also saves a lot of time and money for the company.

Top logistic companies with top technologies offers their users a shipment tracking system that allows them to monitor and manage their shipments. Features like notifications, customizable reporting and messages gives customers more real-time insights.

  1. IoT (Internet of things) and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)

It was unimaginable a few years ago to turn on our ceiling fan, lights and AC from our smartphones, but today, every electronic device is enabled with sensors and Wi-Fi capabilities which can be controlled by our smartphones. With the Internet, everyone is connected with everything and this is called the Internet of things. This technology allows the supply chain to minimize cost and delays by eliminating the risk factor. Every transport like cabs, cargo ships and trains now has a built-in sensor which is connected to a system that monitors the tracking. These sensors pass on the real-time information to the company so that they can analyze the hidden risks. IoT is not the latest tech but it is impacting the operations of logistics companies in many ways.

RFID is also one of the latest technologies which many logistics companies are currently using. In this, a tag or barcode is placed on the package which sent out radio waves. These waves are later received and processed by the company experts to monitor packages or containers. Other industries like fashion apparel industries are also using RFID technology.

  1. Autonomous Trucks and Drones

Delivering a product through a drone or autonomous vehicles sounds like a movie, but we are not too far from this as soon it will become the reality. Autonomous vehicles are already on the way to the world market as companies like Embark, Uber and Tesla are about to release their truck. This technology requires more developments but still, it will be a huge step as this tech has the capabilities to enhance efficiency in the delivery process.

Amazon has already declared that the delivery in future will be done by drones. Drone delivery is still under some developments but as the technology is getting more and more advanced, the day is not far when the customers will be getting their orders from a drone directly at their doorsteps.

  1. Enhanced GPS Accuracy

Quality of GPS has drastically increased over the years. It seems a 100 years old story when we used to take printouts of the directions from PCs. Now, everyone has a smartphone which has a built-in GPS and the accuracy of these devices has enhanced drastically in the last couple of years. This is not only helping the delivery guy but also the supply chain to increase the productivity of the operation. It also allows the user to have a real-time track on their package.

  1. Communicating through Social Media

Are you active on any social media platform? Well, 2.65 billion of the world’s population is actively using some kind of social media platform therefore; social media is a great way to communicate with your customers. Big logistic companies find it easy to share urgent news, industry information and respond to their customers on social media. Majority of the population is on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so if you are not on any of these platforms you might be losing a great way to communicate with your audience.

What did we learn?

To be a leader in any industry, one has to keep up with the latest technology. Leaders who are using these above-mentioned technologies are gaining an advantage over their competition. These technologies will continue to develop so it is important for you to keep up with it.

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