The industry of IoT is predicted to be the single most important factor impacting fundamental business logic in the coming decades. It is a trending technological field that carries the potential to convert any electronic device into a smarter one, encouraging a plethora of industries to adopt this technology in operations to boost their output and perk up competence.

From washing machines to automobiles, IoT technology is bringing a large number of day-to-day objects into the digital fold to make them smarter. It is also evident that IoT technology is transforming into a multi-trillion-dollar industry shortly. This innovative technology not only connects the device to the internet but also provides the user, various features like real-time communication, platform to analyze the collected data, cloud data storage, trigger an action from a remote location, remote notifications, etc.

Several pioneering companies today like the Globus Eight Inc, the creative project of Alok Sinha, the CEO of the company are seeking the right ideas and business models to comprehend how to secure ROI for ‘Internet of Things’ applications in the coming years. The company is an amalgamation concern that works in advanced technology integration – LifeOn, Eco App and healthcare – Operations management and Security services.


Alok Sinha is a business leader who has created multiple medium-to-large scale business units in the last 22 years of his experience in Telecommunications, IT, Media and Technology corporations. He has an in-depth knowledge of business and enterprise customers gained through decade long experience at IBM, Telecommunications corporations. He has been instrumental in managing growth plans for service enabled businesses, with mid to large team size. He is a recognized industry expert on Cloud computing, Telecom, and IT security. He can create a comprehensive sustainable organization from scratch by setting up metrics based delivery organization, built on best practices and measurable environment.

Globus Eight is born on the cloud and has no bare-metal servers for use. This has helped them to work globally, without any hindrances. They have converted their entire Enterprise system to Chatbots, making their processes very efficient and easy to use. Right from managing tickets, calling and receiving calls to customers, leave management, store management, software development cycle and much more – all of these can now be Chatbot managed.

Globus Eight, was recently awarded a patent on the world’s largest integrating platform LifeOn. “It has been a long five years, in our efforts to acquire the patent”,

One of the Globus Eight’s major offerings is the G8 LifeOn automation solution and control system with seamless integration of Lighting, Security, Media, Electrical and IoT devices to give its customers a luxury lifestyle. G8 LifeOn, the IoT integration platform offers various solutions encompassing various domains depending on usability and applicability ranging from Home, Security, and Wellness to Media and Utility.

Our editorial team sat down with Alok Sinha, to converse about the organization, IoT, plans and much more,

The CEO: Tell us about how you became involved in the company and your progression.

Alok: As a company we have always been lured with technology. This however, does not pay the bills. However, when you merge your choice for technology into business value for your customers or for customer centric process that is when you realize the full potential of technology.

The CEO: What are you offering to your customers?

Alok: Globus Eight works in three distinct areas – IT Support and Security, Healthcare innovations and transformation, and IoT framework.

  1. IoT framework. We hold the patent to the world’s largest framework of IoT – LifeOn, this framework provides a communication layer, between diverse IoT devices to talk to each other. This very real and working technology allows us to build quickly, superior products for our end customers.
  2. IT Support and Security – We lead this area by intertwining with the IoT and AI specialization. We have made our solutions intensely automatic and increasingly more efficient. We do security consulting, auditing and providing solutions to customers around it.
  3. In the healthcare domain – we help Practices to shape their businesses in such a way that they can maximize their chances of successful participation in several State/Federal schemes while enhancing patient care.

The CEO: Do you live by/do business with a certain motto?

Alok: Well, what I have learned over the past ten years is that you always want to live life King size; you want to make sure that you work hard and you play hard. You work hard to deliver what is needed by the customers, on time, everyday. But at the same time, you make sure that also spend enough time in whatever makes you happy.

The CEO: What nature of clients do you serve?

Alok: Our clients are on the East Coast USA, Middle East, and India. More than 500 Medical Practices in the USA. Our biggest salespeople are our customers; we have time and again delivered future proof solutions. Here in the USA, we help our customers in aligning with the State and Federal compliant standards. Most of the times our solutions pay back by assisting our customers qualify for such managed programs.

The CEO: What one factor would most accelerate the benefits of the Internet of Things?

Alok: Quite simply, the one single factor that would accelerate the benefits of the Internet of Things is security. I believe this is the area, where we will need large quantum of progress. Look at Alexa and Google Home, for example, once you get a comfort factor that there is enough security around the data that you have, people follow.

The CEO: What is the impact of the Internet of Things on different sectors?

Alok: It is going to be a profound impact on each of the elements. It is as good or as bad as something we saw within the computing industry. There was a time when people used to be happy enough by sending telegrams, typing out a letter and what we were doing with the hard calculators but today a very basic of a laptop/computer is defined. To that extent, the impact will be not just, sensors or IoT, but this impact is changing the way you think about taking medicine, about driving, about being connected. Smart homes is one thing, but when you’re smart home, tells the hotel you check-in, to set the room temperature to 24 degrees, since you use that at home.  Now that is true connected impact.

The CEO: What are the main challenges of the Internet of Things implementation?

Alok: As of today, there is technology but there are areas where people have not yet moved into. The biggest fear or challenge or roadblock for IoT deployment or IOT pervasiveness is primarily security and a true definition of the use of technology into the base IoT environment. We have learned to cope very well, learned that the solutions can be built quickly but what we have not yet learned as a business user is the efficacy of the solution.

The CEO: What is the scope of IoT products and services in India?

Alok: The scope of IoT products and services in India is again a highly impacting one and the reason I say so is that not only because we are a very large population country but what happens is the IoT sensitivity and IoT effectiveness becomes larger with added networks and solutions, the more the people that we have especially like a country in India the more natural effect comes in place and that helps in putting together this new business line.

The CEO: Why will the Internet of Things be successful in the coming years?

Alok: I think that is a given. The issue is not if the IoT will be successful, it is when. Even today, for example, the way it affects the healthcare or wellness devices, the way cameras are becoming more intelligent for security, the way you got home automation tools available at a lower cost, not just the devices but things like services getting integrated. It’s a wave, it’s not possible for technology or people or things to bring it back. Thankfully, customers realize that the true value that can be derived out of the technology is only if you allow the agents of change to bring in important changes. I think there is a lot of awareness in people, I think there are a lot of opportunities that exist and people are waiting to expose that in our day-to-day lives and profession.

The CEO: What is your proudest moment with the company? Brief us over the awards and milestones earned by the organization.

Alok: The proudest moment is when you pick up fresher in the industry and you can mold that individual into something who is not just a prolific leader and leads the team but also be able to do things with technology which you only think about. To that extent, I think the proudest moments are the times when I can get the team to work and bring together a solution that solves the customer’s problem.

I think the biggest milestone we have been able to do is to ensure that we have a patent for the largest framework of IoT trainers in the world, first we filed it in India and got the patent awarded then we filed the same thing in the US and we got awarded for a patent as well. In several years, our efforts through the team have been recognized in various trade journals, there is so much opportunity in the marketplace for people like us to take technology to the common areas, day-to-day lives, and technology to make our lives better; it is only a matter of time before people start seeing that.

The CEO: What are the plans for the business?

Alok: This business plans a tech point of view, we would like our business to go to the next level, we would like it to move to the level where not just connectivity in IoT but we also provide them with an interconnect environment and take it to the analytics level. In terms of business growth we want to make sure that we use this technology to our customer’s advantage so that the customer understands that he can come to us with a problem and we will look at it not just as a part of technology but look at the business solution that we solve as a part of it.  We want to grow in the areas where we bring more and more technology to customer’s benefits on a day-to-day basis.

The CEO: What do you know today that you wish you would have known when you first got started as an Entrepreneur?

Alok: Interesting!!! I think the biggest thing I learned is that being an entrepreneur is an immense amount of satisfaction. Had I known this earlier, I would have probably chosen this path much faster, much ahead of time than what I chose right now and to that extent, if I would to go back in history and say what can I change I would have gone to my entrepreneurship much earlier than after 22 years. That’s something that I truly feel makes life gratifying into that we are impacting the world of people and humans put together.

The CEO: What are some strategies that you would recommend for making the best use of one’s time?

Alok: Whether you are a Prime Minister of a country, a fresher just starting or a CEO there is one greatest equalizing factor – we all get 24 hours, nobody gets more than that. Anyone and everyone who wants to succeed, the first thing that they need to do is figure out and optimize their time resource, which is the most precious resource you have. Those who learn how to optimize their time effectively are successful people and those who don’t end quite far from success.

“Our customers can expect us to be investing heavily in research, just to bring the latest technology into solving their business needs. We have a rich course of action to move up the automation and value chain in AI using end devices (like desktops and phones) to deliver distributed infrastructure services.” 

Alok Sinha

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