In a plethora of ways, around the world globalization has intensified the integration process and impacted several aspects in the due course. After the globalization taking its charge, the world has turned into a massive global village.

There are multifarious aspects like political, social, cultural, economic, etc that have manifested themselves through this incorporation at an international level. There are a number of aspects that have amplified the scenario of innovation by the process of providing a platform of opportunities and multiplying the competition. This helps in connecting various countries to each other through interested individuals and fill in for the needs that are otherwise hard to meet.

But between this international hustle and will to bring change on a global level, there is one aspect that is majorly being ignored and that is gender equality. One of the most talked-about topic on most of the popular international platforms and neglected on the grass-root level. The patriarchy and the system has for long avoided this topic of debate and not given ample importance to women, the time has come to put across that any change that takes place on a global level impacts all, regardless of what gender you belong to and globalization has ensured to put this topic on the table by encouraging positive developments.

Here are few positive changes for women that have entered the scenario after globalization took over on the developing countries in terms of making their economic status better;

  1. The opportunities have increased and the world market has opened up. Once the process of globalization is initiated, a number of companies around the world get the opportunity to commence investments in different countries and add to the benefit of the domestic market. These investments don’t just amplify the cash flow but also multiply the employment opportunities for all.

Opportunity to benefit from this situation is equally divided between the genders by boosting the economic activities and amplifying the level of competition for all. It opens up new windows for women in a manner that they get to showcase their potential and outdo their male counterparts which in any other situation is exploited and requires more struggle.

  1. The labour participation is increased, women in terms of the population have domination around the world and once we start to involve them in jobs and activities around the world, their participation of labour automatically increases making the product better. Though there are several things can potentially be a barrier against their participation in economic growth. The global market is looking forward to revamping the flexibility of the market scenario and the existing ways of working as well. The way of treating preferentially has started to waver away; the rise in completion has compelled the employers to pool out as much benefit as possible from all the genders.
  1. Access to the market has increased with time. The world markets can be accessed far more easily now by individuals to make sure that all bits of potential are being utilized in the right areas where it is valued. This process ensures breaking shackles and removing barriers in a number of ways which does not just boil down to employment, but also accesses the amenities needed for basic requirements at economical prices.
  1. The growth in the sector is visible as well, the participation of females has boosted in various ventures on domestic and international levels. The expectation level and the intensity of involvement also has increased after the incorporation of females in the industrial platform operations, rather than just being a part of the environment at home, successfully attempting to channel their skills of entrepreneurship and talents at an international level.
  1. The standard of living has gotten much better with time; globalization has impacted and improved it on large grounds. This is one of the major factors that can make the female gender economically independent once they have learned well to benefit from this scenario.

To keep it short and simple, the positive light that has shined upon the developing countries after the incorporation of globalization has reflected on a positive outlook for the pinned down segment of the society. There are a lot of communalism traits that can be confronted on gender bias that is evident in the society today, but the women around here have learned to outdo it, even though the learning came the hard way it bought with itself the befits of a better tomorrow full of significantly high potential and more prospects.



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