Post the latest announcement by the World Health Organisation or WHO, which declared coronavirus as the pandemic, in India’s capital Delhi, the state government has declared all schools, colleges and cinema halls in Delhi to remain closed till March 31. While various schools in China and all around the world have been closed, this pandemic is causing people to stay in quarantine, everyday life has been severely affected. Not only have industries have closed but also the schools shut down are causing the studies of people to get hampered.

In India, as the outbreak spreads, fearing that schools and colleges may be a fertile breeding ground for spreading the virus, several educational institutions across the other parts of the country are most likely to announce shutdowns and this uncertainty in the horizon is causing the ed-tech brands to offer a solution to the current education disruption.

In a crucial stage, when the schools are shut down, the ed-tech start-ups and platforms like BYJU’S, Toppr, Vedantu, and Lido are coming into the spotlight to help the children study within their homes. Tapping the right opportunity at the right time, these applications are ready to serve millions of students in the country, be it the school going or college going as the health has become of paramount importance.

Mobile applications are today backed with the innovation and education technology are offering one-stop solutions to all students who are stuck amidst the March and April is the exam season across India and schools shutting down during these crucial months highlighting students academic growth.


The ed-tech startup amidst the rigour of the exam season is offering access to free learning programmes across the country with the ability to offer the students with the ability to continue their preparation for the upcoming tests. With the online lectures available for the subjects like Maths and English for the students from Class 1st to 3rd and Maths and Science Class 4th to Class 12th available on the application for the free, the students with the pre-installed applications will need to update the applications to access the complete content.


 The e-learning program brings to the students the guidance through the lessons available online is based in Mumbai. The platform has been also taking an initiative for the students in the middle of the pandemic as it is making its services free for all students from Classes 5th to Class 12th. Apart from the video lessons which are already covering the basic needs of students, the free learning platform also offers the questions, solutions, concepts, and practice tests.

Not only the school students, but the students who are preparing for the competitive entrance exams such as IIT JEE mains and advanced, BITSAT, and NEE are also able to prepare from the comfort and safety of their homes.


Various schools in Delhi, Bengaluru, Kerala and Hyderabad are focused on ensuring that even if they are unable to have the regular school classes, the students have uninterrupted classes and hence they have collaborated with the schools and decided to involve schools and parents as well. They are offering constant support with a core focus on academic requirements, continuity and learning do not halt.


Amidst this coronavirus pandemic spreading to more regions the precautionary measure by the state governments of shutting down the educational institutions is offering the ed-tech industry with a chance to be boosted in India. Tools to support teachers are also available today and the education providers across the globe are today urged to map out detailed coronavirus strategies. These strategies are essential for education as an industry to emerge from the downfall it might experience.

Students and teachers sitting at home in isolation can now access the platforms through their respective spaces and how amongst this situation, the tech giant, Google can stay away. The Google for education will provide free upgrades to its G Suite for Education productivity apps that will offer video conferencing systems for the remainder of the school year as it claims to “transform how educators and students learn, work, and innovate together with free security tools from G Suite for Education.

The hangouts meet capabilities will also be free for the students and teachers to avail from now (March) to June as announced by the platform. These innovative resources are assets that will prove invaluable in the event of a school shutdown. The feature of Google Meet is a great example as it will allow easy monitoring of the student attendance, while Google Classroom feature allows teachers to upload resources, set deadlines, and students to submit work which teachers can then mark and send back corrections, supporting individual student understanding and development.

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