As YouTube hosts hundreds of millions of hours of content and the number is increasing each second worldwide, it is the hotspot for some of the lastest movie trailers, songs, news, global news, vlogs, and information. So, the biggest video content platform has a significant number of videos which are liked by millions and paralleling due to the dynamic nature of humans, there exists most disliked video on YouTube.

Why is Youtube So Famous?

While Justin Bieber’s Baby song one of his career earliest and biggest global hit has gone down in history as one of the biggest most disliked videos on YouTube. There is a lot of curiosity about this topic. Why the video gets most disliked? What happens if a video is disliked? And the biggest question has to be, Do YouTubers earn money if the YouTube video becomes the most disliked video on YouTube.

We will cater to these answers but first, let us know which are the most disliked video on YouTube:


  1. Sadak 2 Trailer: In August 2020, a YouTube video became the most disliked video on YouTube. The contr9versy goes back to the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death due to claimed suicide in his flat in July. This made a majority of Indians blame the nepotism in India with Karan Johar in a central focus. While Sadak 2 starred Director Mahesh Bhatt’s daughter Alia Bhatt who was also launched by Karan Johar, well, the Indian movie trailer faced the consequences and was bombarded with millions of dislikes in two days after release.
  2. Justin Bieber’s Baby Song: As mentioned above, this song video has been a record holder of the most disliked song on YouTube. Well, in August 2020, it became the second most disliked video on YouTube with 13.24 million dislikes. Why Baby is the most disliked video on YouTube. Baby is the most disliked video because of the singer, who was just an adolescent at that time, Justin’s behaviour. It was at that time when the actor was into a bad space and made it to headlines for shady actions like drunk driving.
  3. YouTube Rewind 2018: Well, if you have never heard about Youtube Rewind videos. A concept to rewind and showcase the entire year of what happened in the YouTube space around the world, YouTube Rewind is done each year, But in YouTube Rewind 2018: Everyone Controls Rewind, well, besides Will Smith’s appearance, nothing was much appreciated by the people. In contrast, people were panning the video with dislikes and critic comments as it lacked tributes to some of the late legends like Stand Lee lost that year and didn’t feature top YouTubers of the Year like Shane Dawson, PewDiePie, etc.


While YouTube does not ask for a reason while the user’s click on Like or dislike. It is also anonymous that means YouTubers cannot view the names and details of people who disliked their video. The most common reason for dislikes stems from negative news just like drunk driving in Justin Bieber’s case, a suicide case in Sadak 2’s case and non-inclusion of popular YouTuber’s name in YouTube Rewind’s case.


Yes, YouTubers do get money from the YouTube videos even if they are most disliked videos on YouTube. To understand the reason you have to understand two aspects of YouTube:


Engagement and Advertising on YouTube: Well, YouTube monetisation is the part which makes YouTubers earn from a YouTube video they created. Monetisation means that the YouTube video has ads in them and YouTube will pay the creators some amount from the advertiser. So, there are two points where monetisation happens, first, on clicking an ad, and the second is the length of view when an ad is displayed (video ads for instance).

Now, engagement: “So, guys, like comment and share the video” are the lines every YouTuber has used. But it is not directly how they earn money. Yes, likes, dislikes, comments, views, etc are the engagement of the user with the content. Whether it is the ads getting dislikes or the trolls disliking the video, the fact that they are opening the video to do the same and are viewing an ad means that they are adding to the YouTuber’s next paycheck and it will not hurt them.

YouTube Guidelines and Policies: Mostly a video is disliked because the user wants to showcase their resentment about the video but it is a fact that dislikes won’t get a video deleted. Either the YouTube video has to go against the YouTube Guidelines which can lead it to get demonetised or deleted. You, as a user can report the video or click on Not Interested option to aware YouTube or not see it in your timeline respectively.

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