Creative Synergies Group: driving the digital revolution with its engineered mastery


Creative Synergies Group: driving the digital revolution with its engineered mastery

The early bird definitely catches the worm. In the business world too, it is an axiom that the early adopters of any new technology trends are more in the cards to succeed in that space, as they have anchored on the coast and are working hard to create innovative offerings that hold the power to disrupt, and lead by the nose. Timely investment is undoubtedly a recipe for long term growth and success. Still, many companies are hesitant to get their feet wet in exploring new technologies due to lack of vision, drive, required talent or capital. As soon as companies start pounding the pavement, the journey gets jarring and bumpy, thus creating challenges and slowdowns with a surge in plenty of obstacles including resources, cost, time and business priorities.

Organizations have realized the need to accelerate their technology route and elevate their capabilities at a rapid pace by building expertise in cutting-edge tools and frameworks through outsourcing. In the modern technology space, instead of rendering upon homegrown talent and resources, companies are leveraging the dexterity of leading Product Engineering Service (PES) providers like Creative Synergies Group, who specialize in helping their clients in hitting the bulls-eye every time to build outstanding products.

Acknowledged globally for its competency in digital integrated product development and plant engineering through a convergence of mechanical, embedded and software technologies, Creative Synergies Group has marked its mettle among various industries – from Automotive, Transportation, Industrial to Energy & Process Industries on the global horizon since its commencement in 2012. For staying competitive in today’s marketplace, companies need a more coherent and optimized digital and engineering strategy that can reduce design cycles, achieve faster time to market, reduce costs and ultimately elevate ROI on product development and project management. Creative Synergies Group (CREATIVE) is a leader in driving the digital revolution towards Industry 4.0 and enabling companies to fulfill their product development objectives through a wide array of high-end digital services leveraging the convergence of Mechanical, Embedded And Software Technologies. The company specializes in leading-edge digital technologies including IoT, AR/VR, AI, Machine Learning and Big Data. CREATIVE is very well positioned to capitalize on massive opportunities related to Industry 4.0 and digital technologies which will contribute over $15 trillion to the global economy during the next decade.

Powered by Engineered DNA

CREATIVE delivers innovative digital engineering services to support its customers from a broad spectrum of verticals during the complete lifecycle of their products and assets, right from concept to commissioning. The company is specialized in delivering engineering excellence in the areas of Digital Product Development, Electronics / Embedded Systems, and Digital Manufacturing Engineering for Automotive and Industrial sectors and Digital Plant / Process Engineering for Chemical and Energy sectors.   The company services include:

  • Product Design
  • Embedded Systems
  • Engineering Software
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Computer-Aided Engineering
  • Value Engineering

Transforming Customer Experience

CREATIVE has a proven track record of serving customers in the US, Europe and Japan with its multiple-shore execution model resulting in the best customer satisfaction ratings. With the company’s High-Value Engineering Centers (HVEC) in India, team CREATIVE has emerged as a leader in delivering multi-shore solutions to its Fortune 500 customers resulting in 50-70 percent cost savings and 40-60 percent time savings. Their HVEC centers feature state-of-the-art multi-million-dollar hardware and software assets focused on digitally simulating multi-vehicle crash events, real-time operation of oil & gas, chemical and power plants and the design and validation of connected cars, electronic control units, telematics and onboard diagnostics. With a reliable partner like CREATIVE dedicated to engineering, companies are able to focus exclusively on strategy, customer engagement and program management. CREATIVE has been able to deliver on this kind of business transformation for a large number of its customers.

CERATIVE’s in-depth experience in serving multi-shore high-end engineering services to over 50 global Fortune 500 customers translates into a differentiated value proposition for clients. CREATIVE’s technical know-how, as well as dedicated customer relationships, significantly support the successful execution of each project. Their cutting-edge solutions enable clients to perform virtual validation and optimization of manufacturing systems prior to the actual production, helping them reduce costs, field failures and product realization cycle time and improve productivity. CREATIVE has been consistently rated above 4.7/5 by over 95 percent of its customers and their delivery teams have routinely been rated at the top in competitive benchmark studies undertaken by customers. The company is proud to be a partner for several blue-chip companies including General Motors, Nissan, Komatsu, Fiat Group, Mitsubishi, Yara, Mercedes, Kobelco, Volkswagen, JGC, ABB, Hitachi, Magna, Kubota, Terex, Carl Zeiss and ThyssenKrupp.

Nurturing an Innovative Work Culture

Creative Synergies Group Founder and CEO, Dr Mukesh V Gandhi, who is also a former professor and leading researcher at Michigan State University, U.S. says, “CREATIVE’s global network of dedicated professionals with unrivalled technical knowledge and a drive for outstanding delivery is continually focused on helping customers exceed their performance targets. Their endless curiosity and hunger for new ideas to help their customers solve business challenges has resulted in a culture of innovation, continuous improvement and best practices that are permeated throughout their global operations.”  Under the leadership of charismatic serial entrepreneur Dr Gandhi, CREATIVE’s ability to bring consistently successful outcomes has resulted in expanding relationships with very loyal customers across the verticals such as Automotive, Transportation, Electronics, Industrial and Energy / Oil & Gas and acquisition of a slew of new customers. CREATIVE is poised for explosive growth and has also made substantial investments in developing over 50 significant proprietary IP and productivity tools. “Innovation is an inbuilt part of CREATIVE’s DNA and the company takes pride in its own proprietary tools and processes developed for automotive, electronics/embedded systems and plant engineering verticals. Over the years, CREATIVE has been amazingly successful and is growing at an explosive rate because of its leading-edge digital technologies, significant understanding of global requirements and proven track record in delivering projects across the globe – US, Europe and Japan. In the next three years, CREATIVE looks forward to driving the digital revolution and growing its team to over 3,000 engineers” Dr Gandhi revealed.

Founder’s Periscope: The man behind the brand

Dr Mukesh V Gandhi


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