Creating and infusing value in Internet of Everything & Everyone (IoEE) to create Intelligent Infrastructure for Enterprises

Creating and infusing value in Internet of Everything & Everyone (IoEE) to create Intelligent Infrastructure for Enterprises

Starting a company in the IoT segment is not a piece of cake under the best of circumstances; entrepreneurs find themselves juggling in the storm. Sudhir Sarma is a serial entrepreneur who ventured out his entrepreneurial journey with Network Solutions in 1993 which was later acquired by IBM and Intel Technologies. Identified as ‘one of the top 20 entrepreneurs’ and ‘counted among one of the top 25 Indians to watch out for’ in this century, Sudhir Sarma incorporated Flamenco Tech in 2011 to provide breakthrough insights and measurable outcomes to global clients in commercial real estate and retail with smarter infrastructure. Internet of Things requires extensive technology skills along with deep domain knowledge. Flamenco Tech has fused several hundred man-years of technology expertise and experience across networking, security, systems, building systems, audio visual, cloud, analytics and software product engineering to craft a unique Enterprise IoT Platform. Sudhir Sarma and BalaChitoor founded Future IP Labs that invested and nurtured budding companies. One of them, Flamenco Tech, envisioned the potential of Internet of Things as a major area of growth. Other companies are Jamocha Tech (workforce productivity), EcoPositive (Food Waste to Energy), Vacus Tech (Indoor Positioning System) and Serviceberry (Enterprise Management Implementation).  Serviceberry was acquired by Accion Labs in 2014.

The CEO Magazine spoke with Sudhir over a host of issues related to Flamenco Tech shared below:

Please through some light over Flamenco Tech’s IoT framework Digital BlanketTM.

Digital BlanketTM, our Enterprise IoT platform powers our solutions for SMARTer Buildings and SMARTer Retail. It enables SMARTer Buildings &SMARTer Retail Stores that are efficient, effective, productive, optimized and calibrated in real time.

Digital BlanketTM for SMARTer Buildings is a unique approach towards comprehensive Digital Transformation of office buildings, campuses and sites through monitoring, metering, management, measurement, analytics and correlated action to achieve positive user impact while increasing efficiency.  Digital Blanket helps integrate with various silo systems in a building – HVAC, Energy, Lighting, Security, Fire & Safety, Employee Services (parking, space management) etc. This provides our customers with holistic insights, and enables real-time interventions.

Our Digital BlanketTM for SMARTer Retail is a Retail Internet of Things (RIOT) solution purpose built for retail stores from data acquisition to actionable intelligence to shopper engagement improving both traffic and conversion. It helps clients gain deep insights of their customers by understanding their store foot print as well as to drive targeted campaigns and promotions. Digital Blanket focuses technology on the always connected shopper to help clients understand, contextualize, engage and improve store and associate performance.

Flamenco Tech stands ahead of the competitive clutter today as the blue diamond. How

We have then leveraged this platform to customize solutions in specific domains of Smart Buildings and Smart Retail. We have successfully deployed these solutions in several challenging assignments and created substantial value to our clients. We are providing comprehensive solutions involving consulting, hardware, software, analytics and services that addresses pain points and realizes value for our clients.

FlamencoTech Unleashes intelligent value from your infrastructure at Buildings, Factories, Hospitals and Data Centres. We select and synergize with various technologies used in enterprises, eliminating duplication and ensuring that IT and Automation delivers business outcomes with maximum efficiency and reduced costs.

How well is Flamenco connected with its clientele?

Talking on numbers, Flamenco Tech’s clientele enlists over 50 leading clients. We have over 20 clients on the Digital Blanket platform for SMARTer Buildings and several clients in SMARTer Retail.

What are the future plans for Flamenco?

Flamenco Tech is discussing partnerships with several leading companies for joint goto market in SMARTer Buildings and SMARTer Retail, globally. Flamenco Tech is launching a Healthier Building Index based on Harvard Research to improve employee health and productivity. We are also announcing our foray into Industrial IoT with the launch of Digital Blanket 2.0. Several new SaaS based offerings are in the pipeline including IBMS in the Cloud, Visitor Management in the Cloud, Space Management in the Cloud etc. We are launching a unique end to end Time and Attendance Solution for Back Offices which will save about 45 minutes of valuable staff time and also improve staff productivity. We are launching several IoT hardware integrated with Digital Blanket with unique features.

Flamenco Tech is coming with Digital Blanket 2.0 in Jan 2018. What’s new?

A comprehensive upgrade to our leading-edge Enterprise IoT platform, Digital Blanket 2.0 holds some key points, including:

  • Significant improvement in data visualization layer with pre-defined widgets, user-level configuration control and ability to fetch data from a variety of systems
  • The framework supports addition of both legacy and futuristic systems with ease Multi-protocol support including AMQP, MQTT, SNMP, Modbus, BackNet IP with CoV, I2C, OPC etc.
  • Cloud based multi-tenant architecture with data isolation and end-to-end security and high scalability
  • Support for structured and un-structured data bases, with data normalization on AMQP, Fog Computing and centralized policy based control for localized actions
  • A cutting edge offering in Enterprise Space, Security and Safety Management with the addition of tracking and tracing employees from transport to in-premise with a single Tag

Flamenco Tech’s timeline

  • Envisioned and implemented a cloud based Enterprise IoT SaaS solution engagement in 2012
  • Acquired some of the most prestigious brands from Banking, IT and Real Estate segments
  • The first ‘Unified View’, a Centralized Command & Control solution across various buildings and various third-party systems for a client in 2016
  • In 2017, entered the US market in partnership with Harbor Industries for the SMARTer Retail offering
  • Launched Hardware DB 100, a unique low cost Data Acquisition System and IoT Gateway for SME’s and for large networked sites, integrated with Digital Blanket
  • Flamenco Tech recently delivered an I2C Pressure & Temperature Monitoring solution for an Airborne Radar System, a first of its kind

Awards & Accolades

  • FlamencoTech graduated out of Microsoft Accelerator Plus in 2015 and was selected from around 1400 applications received
  • FlamencoTech was awarded the ‘Disruptive Building Automation Solution Award’ by MMG Worldwide at the 57th Facility Managers and CRE Conference, 2015
  • FlamencoTech reached a global final round of Control Trends award for two categories in 2015 – Building Analytics Software of the Year and Energy Savings Solution Product of the year, the first for any Indian company
  • FlamencoTech was one of the top 10 finalists for IBM Smartcamp for Smartcities

The other visionary


Chief Strategy Officer

Bala headed Netsol’s software group and was instrumental in both the acquisitions. In Netsol, he built an Enterprise Management Platform, NOCi, which became a very successful global product.

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