BigRock Domain and Hosting – Things to take into Consideration before Purchasing

BigRock Domain and Hosting – Things to take into Consideration before Purchasing

BigRock started their journey as a domain registrar from India and now they are one of the best in the business and now they are also dominating the hosting provider market. With their competitive hosting plans they have captured almost 12% of the hosting market.

BigRock Web Hosting Review

Bigrock is at the number one web hosting provider of India because of its great service at a decent value. It is a subsidiary of the Directi group of businesses and it’s also an ICANN accredited registrar domain and web hosting provider to the small business, solopreneurs, and professionals. They have a lot of products like domain registrar, shared as well as dedicated web hosting, virtual and cloud servers and many online platforms. It is a user-friendly platform offering various services like cloud hosting, domain name registration and other key services to small businesses professionals and individuals.

Advantages of BigRock Web Hosting

  1. Reliability

BigRock provides a highly secured server with Daily server monitoring & health check. Safely you can host your site with the BigRock with no worries. They have Latest Antivirus, Malware, Rootkits Scanning Tools to prevent hacking attempts. Every feature will give you value for your money as they promised to provide a reliable and friendly environment. Many customers and clients its pricing plan better or equal than other providers.

  1. Domain Names at very Cheap Rates

BigRock offers registration of domain names at a very cheap price in India. With every domain you will get many features like Domain Privacy Protection, Unlimited Mail Forwarding, Domain Theft Protection, Renew or transfer, Free Email Addresses, SSL Certificates DNS Management, Domain Forwarding, Bulk Tools for bulk registration, dedicated Support and Easy to use control panel.

  1. Payment Methods accepted by BigRock

This is one of the most common problems when you are purchasing hosting for a foreign customer. BigRock helps you out with this. They provide every single variety of payment method you can find on the web. Be it net-banking, credit card or offline payment methods. You got your Bank Account suspended for any reason? You don’t have to worry about Web Hosting at all. Following are the payment methods they allow

  • NetBanking
  • Paypal
  • Debit/Credit Cards
  • Direct deposit to Account
  • Cheque or DD
  1. 24*7 Reliable Customer Support by Bigrock

One of the very few websites that offer very real 24*7 customer support. All of these customer executives are well trained and they know what they are doing when there are issues. Further, the answer you very patiently. Unlike other customer support, where you have to sit ideal for 30 minutes, here they respond immediately.

  1. Localized Servers for improving SEO

Hosting your website on local servers improves your local SEO.

The IP address of the site will be used as the Geo-Location finder as it will help your website to get faster ranking in search engines for local keywords. Also, the ping time (Time is taken to download data) will be lowered, further improving search results.

  1. Specialized Hosting Packages for Different Platforms

Bigrock provides specialized hosting packages for each CMS – WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. No Hosting company provides customized web hosting packages selecting what you need. So, we always have some features, we don’t use and some features we need but are not included. These packages help you with this.

  1. 99.9% Up-time Guarantee

Ok, they give you a 99.9% uptime guarantee. That’s what everyone says nowadays. But you will be pretty satisfied with BigRock Web Hosting because a website hosted in BigRock never go down for anonymous reasons. (Believe me! Once GoDaddy servers went down). So, we can be sure of their quality.

Disadvantages of BigRock Web Hosting

  1. Unlimited Plans have their Soft Limits

Unlimited is not unlimited. Yeah sounds like a gimmick? That’s the reality. Though they say that their Pro Hosting plan allows you to created unlimited everything, they don’t allow following actions

Your website should not be for Hosting files or file-sharing website or Archive website, where you save and share files with your users.

Users without the FTP access will not be able to download files from your websites.  This means that even a visitor cannot download any files from your websites.

  1. Security Problems – New to Hosting

Well, it is important to understand what can harm your website. Major hosting providers like GoDaddy and HostGator fight daily to keep their servers safe from any kind of hacking. BigRock being new to the field, I seriously doubt, whether they will be able to keep up their security measures and help in such conditions.

  1. Old Customers- Don’t Care Policy

This is the commonly reported problem from almost all users around the web, regarding BigRock. Though BigRock concentrates a lot on new customers, they completely ignore their old customers. And their support is full of “Thanks for your patience” sentences.

  1. VPS Servers – No cPanels

Till now, they are not providing cPanel support. You have to buy cPanel on your own and install it here.

So, the final touch is if you need a Web Hosting for setting up CMS sites like WordPress / Joomla / drupal (or) if you are hosting very small websites, just for namesake without much bandwidth or visitors and wish to have a lot of help, go for BigRock Web Hosting. If you are looking to create larger websites with high traffic and a lot of files sharing and stuff, check out other websites.

Bigrock Hosting Plans

BigRock VPS Plans

Bigrock VPS hosting services will offer you all the purposes and features of a dedicated server, without paying extra charges. With Bigrock VPS, you will get complete root access and other dedicated resources. Big Rock offers a total of 10 various VPS plans. The below image shows its pricing features.

Bigrock Reseller Hosting Plans

Bigrock Offer Both Windows and Linux Hosting services which come up with 4 different plans i.e Essential, Economy, Delux and Premium plan.

Why Choose Bigrock Reseller hosting?
  • Best Control Panel
  • Ease in account management
  • Dedicated Customer Support
  • State-of-art Infrastructure
  • Quick App Installers
Shared Linux Hosting pricing
  • Starter Plan – Rs.59/month for 10 years, Rs.99/month for 5 years, Rs.109/month for 3 years, Rs.119/month for 2 years Rs.139/month for 1 year.
  • Advanced Plan – Rs.149/month for 10 years, Rs.179/month for 5 years, Rs.199/month for 3 year, Rs.219/month for 1 year, Rs.209/month for 2 years.
  • Business Plan – Rs.249/month for 3 years, Rs.399/month for 3 months, Rs.319/month for 1 year, Rs.309/month for 2 years.
  • Pro Plan – Rs.339/month for 3 years, Rs.419/month for 2 years, Rs.559/month for 3 months, Rs.449/month for 1 year.
Shared Windows Hosting Pricing
  • Essential Plan – Rs.139/month for 1 year, Rs.119/month for 2 years, Rs.109/month for 3 years, Rs.99/month for 5 years, Rs.59/month for 10 years
  • Premium Plan – Rs.319/month for 1 year, Rs.309/month for 2 years, Rs.299/month for 3 years, Rs.279/month for 5 years, Rs.219/month for 10 years
  • Business Plan – Rs.469/month for 3 years, Rs.479/month for 2 years, Rs.639/month for 3 months, Rs.529/month for 1 year.
  • Pro Plan – Rs.809/month for 3 months, Rs.639/month for 1 year, Rs.609/month for 2 years, Rs.479/month for 3 years

On shared web hosting, you can avail unmetered bandwidth and disk space.

Do-It-Yourself Website Builders

BigRock provides an easy to use website builder tool named ‘Do-It-Yourself website builder’. This is the easiest site builder tool I have ever seen. You can easily create your website with just 3 simple steps. Select a theme from 175 themes, customize with drag and drop feature and then publish it so your visitors can see it.

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