Keeping with the latest trends is as important as starting the business in the very first place. Here’s how to know if YouTube trends are worth it?

Technology and internet go hand in hand and a term that is synonymous with both is the ‘trend’. For YouTube creators, well, this hits home. And yes, although it is easier said than done. You will know soon why I used this metaphor.

Youtube is a space on the Internet which gets millions of searches every minute and to answer these searches, there are billions of videos uploaded every minute from around the globe. Now, this global space is a place of work for many as they create YouTube videos. Yes, I am talking about YouTube creators,

Hence, either the YouTube trends are worth it or YouTube trends are not worth it.

Let us discuss both the signs of the coin i.e the advantages and disadvantages of YouTube trends. I believe, as a YouTuber, as much as data matters on the engagement one video is getting so does other factors, what are these numbers and other factors, let us discuss that briefly and simply.

Are YouTube Trends Worth It?

OMG! Everyone around me going crazy with YouTube video idea, but there are already so many of these videos, shouldn’t I be different? Will it be helpful to follow trends?

I know as a creator, one goes through a process of brainstorming even if it is for a limited time, before creating something which their time and effort. After all, YouTube is business and you cannot blindly follow something that you invest in and expect returns from.

*Technical Guruji Voice* Toh Chaliye Shuru Karte Hai

For starters, trends rise to their fame as trends because they are videos that are a perfect mix of three secret ingredients for the success of YouTube, engaging, relevant, and entertaining. They have the potential to offer you access to a huge whole part of the audience, within a very less time frame. And if you end up impressing them by your video, well they might end up becoming a loyal subscriber.

And I have a live example, ask yourself how you discovered some of the YouTubers just because you were binge-watching wedding videos on YouTube, or reaction channels (you know you are guilty of it), or funny compilations, or reviews about a new gadget launch, well, the list goes on.

Now, we won’t digress into the ways you can get recognized other than trends, and come back to these easy to adapt concepts that you can do with minimal resources, trends.

  1. Here, got them engaged for the next 15 minutes: Well, it is YouTube algorithm is designed to keep users engaged for the longest time possible. And in reality, even The Social Dilemma viewers have not essentially hacked their habit of ling watching hours. Let us know if you did in comments though. The point is if you are making a tren based video, it is by YouTube’s algorithm that you will be visible to a new set of the audience when they stream a trend.
  2. Make The Most Of The Opportunity: Trend work with a time-frame. It is a limited-time opportunity that exists with creators, be it dancing on a song for their dance-based YouTube channel like Team Naach or reviewing the latest iPhone like Technical Guruji or even buying a new iPhone as soon as it releases like Travelling Desi. So, if you make the best of this opportunity, you have cracked your way into being a relevant creator.
  3. Become Inspiring, Become Influencer: Well, influencer marketing is parallel to your career as a YouTuber. YouTube Influencer marketing works with being looked up to by a significant number of people by making your specific niche stronger. Trends are usually buzz-worthy because they entertain people in a very short period. They help you, as an influencer, become more entertaining as you tap into the challenge.
  1. Open To Comparison: YouTube trends are easily comparable. The fact that there are several videos with the same theme can make you release rather clearly which of your competitor’s did a better job and where you lacked and at the same time, it is available for the public to view and comment on. Trends can be tricky that way. While they are engaging, they are good engaging for long-term growth.
  2. Better Time It: YouTube trends high and lows are very quick. The thing about having a successfully trending video is that trends change fast and before you know it, there is a new trend and the previous one doesn’t matter anymore. So, timing your content is crucial. At the same time, you must continue to work with YouTube trends over some time.
  3. Research Before You Shoot: Well, trends are usually entertaining. But there are exceptions as there are trends that have a deeper motive attached to it like ice bucket challenge. You cannot through yourself into a video where you end up insulting a community or a motive because you were uninformed. Also, because you don’t want to be most cringy video ever incase you want to be an influencer.

Ok, I understand trends are great but are they one size fit all? I mean do I have to follow the trend as it is? Are YouTube Trends Worth It?

The answer would be No. Why? Well, pro YouTubers usually adapt to the trends. We cannot say this and miss YouTube India’s Top Creator of 2020, CarryMinati and his videos. His whole career has skyrocketed as he engaged in some trends but in his style. Be it making a diss on Pewdepie during Pewdiepie and T-Series Digital war of 2018, or creating videos on Bigg Boss, and of course on the infamous application Tiktok during 2020. The record-breaking video couldn’t be timed better.

So, in a nutshell, YouTube trends are not about copying, they are being essentially taking inspiration from something that you know is working and giving it your touch to make it personal and relatable for your audience.

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