8 Latest Innovations in AI to Adopt in 2019 and How

8 Latest Innovations in AI to Adopt in 2019 and How

Artificial Intelligence, a technology founded by legendary Computer Scientist John McCarthy in 1956 is lately changing the business side of things substantially. Speaking of revolutionizing the business, the novel innovations powered by AI have resented scope to various industries and niches. Reducing human errors and increasing efficiency in operations are few of the top reasons driving industries to choose AI over the traditional methods. Whether it is in-house innovation by industry giants like Google or a new AI-driven start-up, AI has presented a chance for various people to work together.

AI is having an enormous impact on individuals driving them to provide solutions to the problems that exist in the market. A diverse range of industries including transportation, digital health, and fin-tech niches are on their way to get remodeled with AI in the future. When it comes to innovation, companies are trying to get ahead of each other with the latest technology and hence the innovations are constantly taking place. Here, we have the technologies in AI that are becoming the most profitable business models:

  • Virtual Agents: Just like the offline agents, a virtual agent provides supports to any user on the official website representing the brand. A VA or Virtual Agent or Virtual Chatbot is a computer-generated, animated and artificial intelligence-powered character that interacts with the users to solve their queries in a human but non-verbal manner.
  • Biometrics: Artificial Intelligence in biometrics enhances the power of biometrics as it can calculate the time-intervals and identify the habits of humans. Biometrics like fingerprints, facial recognition, DNA matching combined with the “Smart” technology of AI creates a precise authentication model.
  • Deep Learning Platforms: Dealing with unstructured or unlabeled data, deep learning is a unique form of machine learning. Once coupled with AI, deep learning or DL can amplify any business. DL works with the artificial neural circuits and various abstraction layers that can mimic the human brain to process data and support decision making.
  • Natural Language Generation: Replacing the emotional intelligence with artificial intelligence, the natural language generation converts the data into the natural language to generate custom reports as well as custom content or the web and mobile applications. Since the human language is considered more complex, creating the NLG is a challenging task as it has a variety of expressions and more ambiguity than a programming language.
  • Robotic Processes Automation: Brands are replacing the human manpower to perform certain tasks that are repetitive and mechanical nature is the AI-based Robotic Processing Automation. AI-based Robotics can mimic human behavior and work more efficiently to deliver results. Businesses have adopted the robotic processing automation to utilize their human talent in the more strategic and creative positions in the organizations.
  • Text Analytics And NLP (Natural Language Processing): The technology uses text analytics to evaluate the structure of the structure, meaning and intention of the sentences through machine learning. The NLP i.e. natural language processing along with the text analytics is used by the organization’s security systems and to detect the frauds. The applications are used by the business with automated assistants to extract the unstructured data.
  • Cyber Defence: Artificial Intelligence along with Machine learning is focusing on preventing, detecting various attacks or threats to the organization along with offering timely responses to protect the company. Cyber defense is a category that focuses on the protection of information for organizations, government entities, and other possible networks.
  • Content Creation: Digital content is the core of the online marketing world and AI is the trendiest technology there is. Combining the two elements, AI is being used by various brands to generate their content. Artificial intelligence is playing an essential role in the content marketing industry hence it comes to generating automated content in News Feed or via Chatbots.

How one can integrate AI?

One can integrate and program AI using the open Application Programming Interfaces (API) that is openly available for developers governing requirements on how an application can communicate and interact. The API offers access to the proprietary software or web services that can be integrated with the developer’s program.

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