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Fear of Artificial Intelligence

Fear of Artificial Intelligence As I was growing up in India in the late 20th century, the word intelligence was looming large and becoming the talk of the town. Thousands of students were motivationally forced to take IQ and talent search examinations to prove their worth. Intelligence was something that was aspired upon and seen as a ladder to achieve success. Intelligence has always been political. A person decried as unintelligent is not merely a comment on the person’s mental faculties, but also what that person is…

Opening Franchisee in small cities could help brands

Opening Franchisee in small cities could help brands It’s quite natural for any brand to reap the benefits of the opportunities big towns and mega cities offer. They look to exploit the huge population of metropolis.  Usually, big brands do not want to take risk by moving towards boondocks taking into consideration the less density of population which is aggravated by the absence of youngsters. But this concept has changed dramatically after demonetization. Post demonetization, this market has seen a visible difference…