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Vinay Arora: exemplar of entrepreneurial success

Vinay Arora: exemplar of entrepreneurial success If you really want to generate more business with a quality website. It may be the first line of communication between your business and potential guests or visitors. The great advantage of having a website for your business is that the website will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be viewed from anywhere in the world. Therefore, anyone can collect suitable information from the website at any time. In today's business environment and to beat the competition,…

Building a globally distributed software organization from India – Mr. Sreehari Narasipur

Having worked in the IT industry for more than three decades and being part of large multinational organizations in India and North America has given me a good understanding of positives and negatives of east and the west and how to be successful while participating in a globally distributed software development process from India. Let me start with background of my experience to set the context. My initial 15 years were spent on being an individual contributor rolein India and US. During fifteenth year of my professional…
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