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Logisyz Tech: Offering a magnitude of IT services with its seasoned wisdom

Logisyz Tech: Offering a magnitude of IT services with its seasoned wisdom As we progress towards a more tech-driven mechanism, our nation is gradually getting coordinated with the world’s leading countries within the IT domain. Indian IT component is growing fast and is spearheading to become a bigger part of the future. To give their hand in the current technology shift, countless newbie emerged and sailed their business voyage on the dynamic and unforeseen waves but only a few succeeded to surf smoothly and changed the…

Small in size yet heavy in weight: SMBs must not be ignored

In 2012, when John Verbic gave up his career as an investment banker to become the self-funded Founder and CEO ofTrepup,he was sure that Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) were getting the raw end of the deal. With no budgets for big media splashes and the lack of resources to manage web activities, SMBs have always been missing out on customer and investor attention. Ask him now, after he’s raised $1 million in seed funding and has a dedicated team of ten working with him on the business network, and he says, “The…

Building a globally distributed software organization from India – Mr. Sreehari Narasipur

Having worked in the IT industry for more than three decades and being part of large multinational organizations in India and North America has given me a good understanding of positives and negatives of east and the west and how to be successful while participating in a globally distributed software development process from India. Let me start with background of my experience to set the context. My initial 15 years were spent on being an individual contributor rolein India and US. During fifteenth year of my professional…