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Why Security Services Are Essential In The Healthcare Sector?

Why Security Services Are Essential In The Healthcare Sector? The healthcare industry and security industry both deal with life and death situations very frequently. Healthcare institutions are one of the busiest places and work with terabytes of information daily. These institutions may have the same working as any other organization but their core activity is to save lives and treat their patients. Healthcare industry aims at providing the best patient care and security is essential but it is not the core activity and…

Panjtan FM: Services Personified

Panjtan FM: Services Personified As it is said, one feels comfortable only in the environment which is clean and well-ordered thereby making cleanliness a matter of utmost importance for health and well-being. Good Housekeeping and cleanliness at the workplace are interlinked with industrial safety. The degree to which these activities are effectively managed is an indicator of the safety culture of the organization. Effective Housekeeping not only makes an organization a safer place to work in but also provides a big boost…
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