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WHO Initiative: 40 Seconds Against Suicide

WHO Initiative: 40 Seconds Against Suicide Mental Health, a part of the health that is dedicated to psychological, emotional and social well being of a person and affects how one feels and acts. The human mind is designed to handle a specific level of stress, relate to others and make choices. Mental Health progresses through various stages of life from adolescence to childhood and later adulthood. However, one might experience numerous mental health problems throughout their lifetimes due to various factors such as…


7 STEPS TO GETTING RID OF HEROIN ADDICTION People from all walks of life once or even more than once come across people or someone they know who has been trapped or battling the dragons of heroin addiction. This nature of abuse does not recognize ‘discrimination’; it equally destroys all cultures, races, incomes, levels of people. Addiction is what affects not only those who are gripped with this menace but the whole society. It is like something that slowly yet consistently eats into the life of a person suffering from…
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