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Best Laptops under Rs. 40,000

Best Laptops under Rs. 40,000 Having a good laptop is essentials for most young entrepreneur and for those who want to work remotely. Well, unlike the smartphone, laptops should be a one-time investment so if you are planning to buy a laptop make sure you are satisfied with its features. It is a myth that only the most expensive laptop can give you all the features but not all can afford an 80k laptop. Well, there are a lot of budget laptops which works fine and will give you value for your money. Below are listed 5 best…

Top 5 laptop brands in India

Top 5 laptop brands in India Abhishek Chaudhary | The CEO Magazine To survive in today's world, a laptop is almost a necessity. Whether you're a businessman using a Mac to deliver a presentation or a college student who needs a Chromebook for class, they make life that much easier. Laptops changed the way we were using technology, selecting the best laptop from all the brands has become a little complex as an array of laptop brands are available in the market. So, which are the top 5 brands of laptops in India, at first…
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