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Lustrum FY15-19 saw sharp increase in fresh investment

Press Release  Lustrum FY15-19 saw sharp increase in fresh investment The 74th Survey of projects investment in India conducted by Projects Today indicates that during the five-year period FY15-19, 47,911 new projects were announced with a total investment of Rs 60,51,281 crore as against 43,876 new projects worth Rs 29,28,125 crore announced in the preceding five-year period FY10-14, a rise of 106.7 percent. The buoyancy in announcement of fresh investment was observed across all major sectors except the Electricity…

Kesar Dass B. & Associates

Kesar Dass B. & Associates As a result of the grand scale liberalization of the Indian economy in the 90s, multinational firms were looking for opportunities to invest in India as the government opened various sectors for foreign investment. Global firms looked for lawyers in India, which operated in the similar fashion as US law firms. Indian lawyers were still practicing in a conventional manner with little use of technology and email communications. Kesar Dass B. & Associates, a multi-discipline corporate and…

QuickX: Providing unique Blockchain Technology solutions to many peculiar problems

QuickX: Providing unique Blockchain Technology solutions to many peculiar problems QuickX is an innovative, decentralized platform that is intended to provide effective solutions to some critical problems with Blockchain technology. In the year 2016 when its team started researching on Blockchain, it saw that there were certain limitations which were hampering the suitability of Blockchain Assets for mass adoption in day to day transactions. These limitations were time, cost, scalability and cross-transfer of blockchain…

The Toughest Lesson in Long Term Investing – Mr. Punit Jain

Dear Investor, I often ask myself why people find it so difficult to invest for the long term in the stock market. There are so many trading and demat account holders in India. But so few who are successful investors. My thoughts on this: The Trading versus investing approaches These two approaches are so different that perhaps the first step for a novice new investor is to try to understand both these concepts and decide which approach he should start with. Trading is the purchase (or sale) of a stock to take advantage…
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