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Why Google is Celebrating Kamini Roy’s Birth anniversary?

Why Google is Celebrating Kamini Roy’s Birth anniversary? Google Doodle is celebrating the 155th birth anniversary of a leading Bengali poet and social reformer, Kamini Roy. She was the first woman to graduate with honours in Indian history, which went on to advocate for the rights of all women. She had dedicated her entire life to the education and rights of women during British India. Born in 1864, the Bengali poet was ahead of her time with her thinking and scholarship. Her legacy remains as the first woman in India to…

Google Honours Dr Herbert Kleber

Google Honours Dr Herbert Kleber A legendary scientist who pioneered addiction psychology, Dr Herbert David Kleber was honoured by Google with a Doodle on the 23rd anniversary of his election to the National Academy of Medicine, a volunteer organization that provides advice on health and medical advice. Dr Herbert Kleber dedicated his life to treating the drug addiction. His 50 years of continuous efforts were directed towards studying the causes of substance abuse and developing treatments to reduce the effects of…