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Biometric Access Control – A tree with many branches:

Biometric Access Control – A tree with many branches: “I handle more clients now, my day goes more productive with maximum queries resolved for the right customers and most importantly my workplace is more secure”, this is a review given by one of our client's employee after the installation of Access Control System in their office which restricted entry of unwanted people without proving their identity, eliminating the risk of any accident or fraud. Access Control-an overview: Many employees and employers are not fully…

Overtime Management

Overtime Management Overtime or the time that an employee has worked beyond the regular 40 hour work week is a necessity in some cases and maybe a miss-management of time in others. Whatever be the case, it is highly essential that businesses are able to manage this overtime in a proper way so that they can reduce any unnecessary cost and manage the bottom line more effectively. Proper planning as well as scheduling can help in reducing the need for any employee to work more hours than what is expected of him/her. The…
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