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Top 5 mobile phone brands in India

Top 5 mobile phone brands in India Abhishek Chaudhary | The CEO Magazine Mobile phones, the device in each and every hand out there, has become an important and integral aspect of an individual’s life. The tasks for which one had to move, spend money and invest time has now become a matter of a few touches on a smartphone. The services and features a smartphone offers have been helping and aiding the human kind since its inception. Be it ordering groceries, selling a car, scheduling an appointment, renting a house or…

Top 5 laptop brands in India

Top 5 laptop brands in India Abhishek Chaudhary | The CEO Magazine To survive in today's world, a laptop is almost a necessity. Whether you're a businessman using a Mac to deliver a presentation or a college student who needs a Chromebook for class, they make life that much easier. Laptops changed the way we were using technology, selecting the best laptop from all the brands has become a little complex as an array of laptop brands are available in the market. So, which are the top 5 brands of laptops in India, at first…
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