With Virtual Employee clients can open their own offshore office in India at Zero Cost

With Virtual Employee clients can open their own offshore office in India at Zero Cost

 The CEO Correspondent ● New Delhi

Since India has a massive talent database, it has been attracting MNCs from all over the world to open their offshore offices in the country. At present VirtualEmployee.com is the only company in the world that offers clients their own ‘offshore office in India’, at zero-investment cost. Its office becomes an extension of their clients’, complete with office infrastructure, hardware, software, and staff. Companies from different parts of the world hire dedicated virtual employees in any field or profession from VirtualEmployee. These employees would work exactly like a local, in-house employee, except they would do so from VirtualEmployee.com’s well-maintained and supervised offices here in India, remotely via the internet.

The company VirtualEmployee.com was founded in 2007 with the primary purpose of helping Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) across North America and Europe enjoy the same benefits of offshore outsourcing as the MNCs. Presently, VirtualEmployee.com has a strong global footprint of 1421+ customers across 27 countries and in more than 150 domains, both IT and non-IT, including rare and niche skills. It is a member of Indo-Australian Chamber of Commerce and Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce. The company was shortlisted for the NASSCOM Emerge 50, 2012 Awards.

VirtualEmployee.com boasts of vast hands-on experience in the supporting and operations areas and helps Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) around the world hire dedicated virtual employees in any field or profession – in both, IT and non-IT fields.

SMEs typically cannot open their own Global Inhouse Centres (GICs) in a talent-rich and low cost destination like India, unlike the MNCs due to budgetary, manpower and resource constraints. The traditional outsourcing model is not really suitable for these SMBs as their actual need is to outsource daily, ongoing tasks which are not suited to either the freelancing model or the more expensive project outsourcing companies.

“A client can set up their ‘own office’ in India at zero investment cost; get to retain control over their projects, hire talented employees and make big savings with VE because our office and staff function as an extension of the client’s own local office and staff. It is the most flexible and cost-effective business model today in the outsourcing landscape, and particularly suitable for Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) across the globe,” said VirtualEmployee to The CEO Magazine.

 Their revenue model is operated as a pre-paid monthly rolling contract where clients only pay for the service they have consumed.


The company is headquartered at sec-63, Noida, with 3 branch offices spanning the length and breadth of the country. Its overseas sales offices are located in Birmingham, UK, USA and Australia. They have already worked in very diverse range of fields but now they want to have stronger and stronger teams in as many areas as possible.

Now VirtualEmployee.com plans to expand its India operations for more talent acquisition in cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai. 

The Maverick behind the Success

Narinder Mahil & Shaunvir Mahil

shaunvir singh mahilVirtualEmployee.com was founded by a visionary father-son duo, Narinder Mahil and Shaunvir Mahil. Mr. Narinder Mahil is a software engineer and has worked in both the UK and US with some of the top multinationals like Oracle, Ford Motor Co., Blue Cross Blue Shield, Lloyds Bank, TSB. Shaunvir is based in the UK and is a Law graduate from a top university in the UK.

“ We are the only ones in this space offering an entire offshore office to a client anywhere in the world – complete with employees, infrastructure and a full staff at zero investment cost,” said an executive.

VirtualEmployee.com is going to launch several apps. Two of them are already up and ready while several more will be launched this year and the next year. The SEZ-approved company is embracing other areas of outsourcing and entering into other technologies like the cloud services.


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