Success story of Rahul Anand and Rajat Tuli – Founder of Happily Unmarried

Success story of Rahul Anand and Rajat Tuli – Founder of Happily Unmarried

There is no success without hardships. Most of the business ideas are successful because they solve some kind of problem faced by public but there are not many businesses that are successful just because they are cool like Instagram and Facebook.

Another fun kind of business is Happily Unmarried which was launch by two friends, Rahul Anand, and Rajat Tuli.

About Happily Unmarried

Happily unmarried is an Indian lifestyle brand which is widely known for its unique products and targets Indian audience. Their categories include travel, office, stationery, glassware, apparels and many more. One thing which sets them apart from other companies is their witty words on their products which are picked up from the daily life of an Indian. These products are sold on various platforms including both offline and online.

How It Started and Their Initial Years

With the arrival of dot com in the early 2000s, they were fired from their company. Due to this experience, they realized that there is no job security so Instead, of searching for a new job, they decided to start their own business. The first hurdle which came their way was the lack of funds because to start any business you need to have some capital. They sold the laptop which they had received from the company they used to work for and raised around Rs. 50,000 and started the company.

Just like any other business, they also faced problems in building a brand name. Soon they realized that it is not that easy to start a company as it seems to be. In the initial years, they rarely have any profit; they felt like quitting and get back to a normal job, all the work was on their heads as they were unable to hire full-time employees. This was making them frustrated and tired.

To keep up with the expenses, they didn’t draw their salaries for several months. Later they realized that their customers who purchased their products are not returning because they were not known in the market at that time, keeping this in mind they used to visit their friend’s offices and showcases their products during their lunchtime. Having catchy and creative words written on them, they immediately grab everyone’s attention.

 Their initial target was to make products that everyone can relate with and to build a loyal customer base.

Big Change

Their first big client was a person from the National Geographic channel who wanted them to supply corporate items at their office.  This is the first big success for them and they used this money to launch a wide range of products. After this they kept on rising and were on the next level, they started organizing events and sold their products there as well and soon they were making a huge amount of profits.

Market Competition

Even after they got a boost to their business, it was not easy for them to rise to the top. As they were growing, more and more challenges were coming in their way. A company faces an inevitable competition from the market and the same was the case with Happily Unmarried as companies like Chumbak and Quirk Box were also launched.

But the founders, Rahul Anand, and Rajat Tuli believe that it is good to have competition because it helps you to keep up on your toes. They also believed that with the range of products the company is offering and their loyal customer base will make all the difference in the coming years.

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