“The idea of the business coined while working in the investments and strategy domain for a Middle East-based firm. As I discovered the passion for research and business advisory engagements; and the immense market potential Saudi has for the next decade or so. Making it the best investment market globally.” visionary behind one-stop shop market research platform, Avishkar Anand

Avishkar Anand and his brand in the Market Research & Business Advisory Industry depicts the classic entrepreneurial journey. As a professional in the industry turned leader; Co-founder and CEO of Saudi Market Research have built a market research ecosystem. That offering not only studies on different sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; but also focusing on customised business advisory services.

As the Kingdom has been an oil-based economy for long; it is witnessing a transformation with recent diversification programs under the aegis of Vision 2030. And opening doors for the mainstream sectors as well as the allied businesses, especially the MSMEs, it has become the one of the most favourable market for investment at the global stage and a competitive one too.

Saudi Market Research or SMR comes into the picture here as they help business owners and budding entrepreneurs. With the most recent updates on the market covering all the aspects; that are relevant to the business by the Saudi Market Research’s team; of industry analysts and experts based out of Saudi Arabia, UAE and India.


Delivering high-quality market research reports covering granular insights from the market. That are suited to the clients’ needs, they offer competitive analysis, feasibility study, business and financial modelling, business presentations; analysing the demand and supply metrics, on-demand and customised services.

Offering assistance to all those in need for basic research on a sector for evaluating the opportunity or to outsource any kind of research and consulting work, Saudi Market Research analysts work on a temporary or ad-hoc basis on the one-stop solution platform.

The team of full-time analysts make the brand distinct from their competitors. As they cater to micro-details in the business as well as round the clock availability to meet urgent requirements of the clients.


“Saudi Market Research is the name that we came up after deciding to enter the market. As it signifies the business and its focus market along with being an easy-to-adapt name; for the general market to relate and reciprocate with.

In roles of Co-founder and the Chief Executive Officer of the company, I started the company in early 2019. Backed by investors and ivy league senior corporate professionals, working in the Middle East for decades”

“We have identified and curated solutions for a big segment in the market; consisting of first-time investors, entrepreneurs and family offices. Who want quick insights into business sectors without spending a lot of money. The SMR team is focused on offering similar Ad hoc services at a similar cost to those of other freelancing websites. However with taking the accountability of the final output.

Additionally, with a robust body of work on Saudi on our website, clients are in a much better position to gauge our capabilities and quality of work,” shared the man himself on the journey and solutions crafted.


All entrepreneurial journeys are expected to be a roller coaster. Avishkar knew theirs was going to be no different. He firmly believes in taking the road less travelled and they took a conscious call to work and create a significant body of work, even before the launch of the business.

He and his team entered the market on the back of significant research work and intelligence available with them from the start. “I knew that this would go a long way in catching the eyeballs and gaining traction in the market,” he shared.

“While business development and getting the first few clients was a major challenge, it was sorted out with digital evolution that happened in the last decade as social media and other tech tools have given entrepreneurs like us a powerful marketing platform “.

Another challenge that they faced was to optimise the cost structure, with need to have resources on the ground in Saudi Arabia, but at the same time being cognizant of the costs involved.

They have a very balanced resource allocation and cost structure, which takes advantage of the reasonably priced man-hours in India and yet at the same time, giving the brand the ability to have resources in Saudi to carry out primary research.


Headquartered in Saudi Arabia, the prime focus for this growth-boosting website remains the Saudi Arabian market. The brand’s well-outlined target audience is on the receiving end of the right set of services to offer which were considering all the dynamics that can be attached to it.

The team has deployed their researching efforts on investments creating a matrix that defined their target segment where they wanted to pitch themselves. The basic idea that lay beneath this approach is to offer a solution to those who aim to invest and need to have an industry overview.


The industry has witnessed evolution over the years. The paradigm shift from large consulting firms would provide the market insights earlier to many players in the market today who have created their own space with the digital support with an audience accustomed to getting their business done online. The digital presence has taken precedence over the physical one.

“So, as much as quality work matters today, the presence to solve the customer queries on the go, and understand their requirements in the easiest possible way has changed. This is one way to look at it, while another one is the global changing business scenario opening themselves for investors has extended the need to look at new geographies and realize the untapped potential. This has also drawn attention from analysts and firms to keep a continuous watch over the happenings in the market,” shared Avishkar Anand.

He added, “If we talk about specific trends, I believe that big data analytics is going to be the major influencer in the next couple of years. Data has become the new asset these days. With the help of large sets of data and further analytics applied to it; it will give more transparent results than ever. This is going to extend the question of ‘what to cover’ to ‘how to cover’ and why to ‘cover’. Insights are going to be more fine-tuned than ever.


SMR’s business model is focused on catering the needs of the MSMEs, individual investors, budding entrepreneurs and family offices and produce results on demand and urgent basis.

While the micro-business sectors are generally not covered by large scale consulting, research houses and brokerage houses. Saudi Market Research is a platform to bridge the gap between a potential investor and the sector.

The business provides reports that are a combination of extensive secondary research. As well as primary research conducted on the ground in Saudi Arabia. With helpful details on size, competition, pricing, margins, latest updates, barriers to entry; and a lot of other details required to evaluate one sector.


“I am extremely pleased as to how the business has shaped in the last one year. We have one of the largest research works on the website and we are working with some very interesting clients. Having said that, we also have plans to expand into other verticals including education and legal research; to extend the core preposition of Saudi Market Research,” emphasised Avishkar Anand

The SMR team has always worked with a very simple value proposition; i.e. deliver the quality comparable to a top-notch research firm, at a much lower cost. Additionally, they serve the market segments which cannot engage top research firms like first-time investors, entrepreneurs and family offices.


“Technology has played a crucial role in doing many things that are being done in the current crisis. It has provided a cushion for many businesses, avoiding them from catastrophic damage. I robustly believe that, from people staying indoors who have assorted themselves to OTT platforms; to the shift of “work from home” usage from urgency cases to normalcy to online education. Alongside other efforts and assets, technology has made us keep going even though it is at a slower pace.”

“Similarly, I see technology changing the consulting space as well. And the conventional brick and mortar consulting firms giving way to e-consulting firms. With access to flexible international manpower and ability to service global clients” shared Avishkar Anand.

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