Recently I returned to my hometown Jaipur from one of the busiest city in India – Mumbai. Jaipur is integral to my life as it is my home town, the place where I was born and brought up. We, humans, have a natural inclination to do something for the people and places we have emotional links to, and somehow the nostalgia of the childhood does make you return to your native city and make you want to live your dreams where you nurtured them as a child. I returned to thinking about my next big adventure- Entrepreneurship. Initially I had planned to take a thinking break in my city; little did I know that city of my childhood will be my “Karmabhoomi” for some time to come.

Back in Mumbai I was used to the comforts of calling up the local Kirana store and get the groceries delivered at my doorstep. They charged additional Rs.20 per delivery, but I considered it a cost to my convenience as I did not have to waste my time in traffic. Here, in Jaipur We looked for similar arrangement, out of habits developed in Mumbai, and discovered that there were few to none such options here. That led us to our “problem statement” and we started looking for solutions for tier 2 cities like Jaipur. The city’s population is outgrowing its infrastructure, including basic service delivery infra but the city is yet to get the facilities of Tier 1 cities of India. We thought why not a have our own“small basket” in our own small city.

We found ourselves getting interested in the online grocery business because it is unique, young, and has immense potential in cities like Jaipur. We talked to potential customers and found that the idea was welcomed. We explored online stores in the city and found gaping holes in the service delivery, pricing and products of these stores like very huge minimum order amount etc. We shared our thoughts over a family get-together. I was supported by my friend Satyaveer, my brother Abhishek and my wife Shalini and so we set out to chart our business plan. Thus was born Orbuy with four Co-Founders and investors for the idea of online grocery shopping in Tier 2 cities, with Jaipur being the unanimous choice for being the first city.

We strive to make customer’s life easier by using easiest way to place orders at our store. We are the only player in India, which has BILINGUAL (English &Local language) website that is easily understandable to a large number of customers. We provide customer options such as CALL / MISSED CALL / WHATSAPP / MESSAGE / WEBSITE to order at their ease. When we are there to handle the tedious work, why should a customer waste his precious time in logging and detailing stuff,we kept the MINIMUM ORDER AMOUNT TO RS. 200 only which is very less when compared to other players, that give us an extra edge and a better option to the consumer in the form of Orbuy. WE STARTED GIVING FREE DELIVERY SERVICES OF MEDICINES TO THE SENIOR CITIZEN WITH OUR ORDER, WHENEVER THEY NEEDED, THUS HELPING THEM.We got appreciation from many families for these services and have earned us many senior citizens clients. We are targeting institutional clients like Restaurants, Hotels, PG’s and Hostels for bulk orders, that will improve their budgets and inventories and it is also good for us to get higher profit margins and consistency. 

Our value proposition is simple – “to provide a delightful experience to our customers by providing fresh and quality products at a competitive price within a committed time.”  Our focus is simple and can be summarized in three words- QUALITY. PRICE. TIME.One of the most important differentiator we have is that we are not sourcing fruits and vegetables from the nearby vendors or from their inventories like our competitors Grofers, Peppertap or any other, but actually gets most of them from farmers in and around the city. We ensure this through our experts who handpick quality food for us, and committed delivery persons who ensure timely delivery for our customers.

We are working on an inventory model and payment on delivery model. We would like to be consistent in the future and keep the same model as our feedback confirms that this model not only gives customer satisfaction but gives“CUSTOMER DELIGHT”. We want our customer to be fully satisfied and then only pay for the things;they are buying from us.We want to mitigate the gap between farmers, consumers and market too, to make the win-win situation for everyone.

We are a four member team; each one of us is focusing on their area of expertise, focused towards how we can give better benefits to our customers.

Anirudh Sharma – Founder & CEO
Satyaveer Yadav – C0-Founder & IT Head
Shalini Sharma – C0-Founder & Marketing Head
Abhishek Sharma – C0-Founder & Public Relations

We will expand rapidly, targeting Tier-2 & 3 cities of India;we have expansion plans for Udaipur and Kota in early 2016. We are looking for investors for mass expansion and to reach all over India in a minimum span of time. We are growing every passing day with the customer’s understanding, the concept of online grocery shopping and making use of the service.

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