Work Better Training Strives to Make Corporate Training Programs More Real, Practical and Implementable

Work Better Training Strives to Make Corporate Training Programs More Real, Practical and Implementable

Corporate training comes with long-term benefits like increased productivity, higher levels of employee engagement, enhanced collaborative learning amongst employees, and a sustained drive towards innovation. Given the long term benefits of corporate training, organizations are realizing the importance of and need to build a culture of continuous learning that enables employees to develop more effective skills professionally. Started by enterprising couple, Swapnil Kamat &RuchiraKarnikto make a difference in the world of learning & development, Work Better Training is an executive education & training company that specializes in soft skills and behavioral training. The company has positioned itself strongly among the training institutions by designing and delivering customized training programs pan India that help companies develop people capabilities to meet their business objectives. They are pioneers in designing the finest blend of industry best pre and post program initiatives to augment retention and application of learning.

The companywas started with the belief that with effective tools and training, everybody has the strength to improve their lives and the lives of those in their community.Work Better Training delivers effective training programs that have realimpact and make people better professionals.

The product offerings of Work Better can be divided into 4 broad categories which are:

  • Soft Skills & Behavior Training – Leadership, Sales & Negotiation, Business Communication, Customer Service, Personal Effectiveness, Innovation & Creativity
  • Team Building & Outbound Activities
  • myCoach, a mobile executive coaching app
  • vLearn, learning through high impact videos

In conversation with Mr. Swapnil Kamat about the idea behind founding the company, The CEO Magazine came to know that Work Better Training was founded in 2008 by Swapnil Kamat and RuchiraKarnik to deal with their own frustration with corporate training. Swapnil, having worked with L’Oreal and Ruchira with Elle Décor, both of them had been a part of a lot of executive training programs and realized that most of them were theoretical and boring in nature. There was a huge disconnect between what was taught in the classroom and what was happening on the ground. Hence, the two of them co-founded Work Better Training, endeavoring to make corporate training programs more real, practical and implementable.

In the training field, it has never been an easy task for a new entrant to make a mark where many other firms are already working with different levels of experience &commitment. However, Work Better Training has positioned itself strongly through its unique way of working. What differentiates Work Better from the other training companies in the industry is that it is acutely conscious of its social footprint. Being asked by The CEO Magazine about its differentiating factors, Mr. Swapnil Kamat said, “The solution that Work Better offers is at least 5 times better than the competition. What makes our solution better is our differentiated content, our rigorous 4-step trainer empanelment process, our highly impactful post program micro learning tools. We have also launched a revolutionary mobile app called myCoach which is the first of its kind product in the world to help executives live chat with subject matter experts to solve their work-related queries, anytime & anywhere. Another one of our latest offerings called vLearn is based on the concept of video-based micro learning tools, which have a great impact when it comes to retention of the message being conveyed.”

Milestones of the company

Work Better Training has seen many major milestones since the time it started functioning.

  • From a mere 3 employees in 2011 to 35 currently, the team has grown at a steady pace.
  • Starting with barely 10 clients in the first 2 years, it has over 227 clients today – all of whom are well-known brands in themselves.
  • Work Better launched its first mobile learning platform, myCoach earlier this year. The app has generated a lot of interest among L&D professionals and it has some great feedback coming in from clients who have used the app.
  • The company is moving heavily into the mobile learning and e-learning space in the next 6 months. This diversification is going to be as big as its classroom training vertical.

Mr. Swapnil Kamat, founder of the company chats with The CEO Magazine

TCM: What is the business problem it hopes to solve with its solutions and offerings? 

Swapnil: The problem that Work Better is trying to solve is to make professionals across India more effective and productive at their jobs. We do this through enhancing and developing their key business skills.

  1. We believe that doing this is very important for the country as one of our biggest problems is lack of people development. We are a country of a billion people, yet it’s difficult for companies, small or large, to hire and retain the right talent. Our service is important in the current environment because it helps develop people skills, making them assets for their organizations. It will remain relevant in the years to come given India’s demographics.
  2. Our vision is to touch every working professional in some way or the other to enhance their business and work-related skills. However, our current focus is on medium to large sized companies. 

TCM:  Please tell us about Road Map and Future Plans of your organizations.

Swapnil: Our future plans are to stay focused on doing what we know well, execute brilliantly, and create a wow factor for our customers. In addition, we are diversifying our business in terms of different kinds of offerings within the learning & development space. We are looking at bringing in a lot of innovative technologies into this space. 

TCM: How do you learn in your life and what is your biggest dream?

Swapnil: For the founders and employees of Work Better, learning is an important element and is undertaken daily. We take lessons from the people we admire, and we learn from the mistakes we make. Each one of us makes it a point to spend some time of our day, every day learning something new.

Our dream and our aim is to help every professional work better and become a better version of themselves.


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