With diversified approach in its expertise, Red Rock offers advance solutions in HR functions with productive deliveries

With diversified approach in its expertise,

Red Rock offers advance solutions in HR functions with productive deliveries 

An enterprise HR department is composed of many areas, such as employee relations, benefits administration, policy enforcement, recruitment and employment, performance management and many more variety of functions. Maintaining an efficient and productive workplace has been a challenging task for organizations. To create greater efficiency within human resources system, organizations are evolving with Human Resource Services organization to empower their business and employability. With commitment to bring improvement in HR functions, Red Rock has positioned its name among the very few noticeable HR services providers. Red Rock is a Human Resource Services organization specializing into Lateral & Leadership, Contractual & Temp Hiring firm i.e. on RED ROCK Payroll.

One of the members of the prestigious NASSCOM body, Red Rock aims for excellence in everything they do. Red Rock, founded in 2012 with a team of two people under a rented garage of 300sq ft., has empowered itself as a team of 30 people and they operate the business at one of the prime commercial towers in New Delhi. As a leading firm in India’s HR service industry, Red Rock provides services to throughout the country. The customers include a large number of leading multinational companies, exclusively owned foreign enterprises and many others. Leveraging the rich experience of its team, Red Rock brings cost effective, client-centric solutions to a diverse client base. Their personalized qualitative approach is the reason why they impressive roster of clients continues to call on them as their preferred Partners.

Red Rock is able to infuse enormous domain and operational expertise with its experienced & talented team of professionals and processes, enabling its customers to have rapid time-to-market and time-to –scale advantages.

Apart from Talent Acquisition Services, the organization also provide HR Consultation services to our clients to ensure a smooth recruitment process with minimum roadblocks, strategies to handle the roadblocks and ensure highest joining ratio and least attrition from the candidates sourced by us.

Services offering by Red Rock 

Red Rock leverages its clients with a wide-range of services which is mentioned below:

Lateral & Leadership Hiring Services: Red Rock offers first-rate recruitment services to its clients and candidates based on mutual trust and the highest professional standards driven by quality and cost consciousness. Its recruitment consultant training ensures that all of its executive candidates have been sourced in strict confidence and are the best available. The company also renders consultation services to its clients that would help them to close any position, as Red Rock never lets its fingers slipped from the pulse of candidates’ psychology as well.

Contractual & Temp Hiring: Many a times, organizations might face unexpected staff shortage, hiring freeze, and seasonal peaks and get involved in special projects that can’t wait for the corporate office’s approval. For them, Red Rock filters qualified temporary & contract employees as per the client’s selection process and deploys them at client’s end, while it manages their payroll including statutory requirements like PF, Taxes and others.

Under Your Roof (UYR) Plug-in HR Services: Losing a critical employee at an essential time tend to hamper the whole machinery of an organization. Red Rock’s UYR Plug-in service acts as a missing block of puzzle that can be fitted there within short time, without the mandate from head office. Leveraging its best HR professionals and understanding of operational HR challenges, the company takes the machinery ahead either by providing suitable well-trained professionals from its end or fills the gap by finding an appropriate resource at client’s end.

UYR Built-in HR Services: Growing companies, especially startups, don’t have the time to build a dedicated HR team, as they are focusing on their core areas. Red Rock deploys an entire team right from recruiters and associates to team leaders to take care of the client’s entire recruiting & HR department in terms of talent acquisition as well as talent management. The company feeds this team with strategies and resources required to fulfill the assignments at the planned schedule to ensure that the functions at client’s end works smoothly.

Implementing HRsolution in different industries is a challenge on account of various factors, which Red Rock has successfully achieved by adopting customer-centric approach rather than traditional product-centric approach. Thoroughly analyzing your business needs, industry and requirements, the company delivers tailor-maid, cost-competitive, scalable and robust solutions.

Red Rock’s experience across industries into Analytics, Financial Services, Consulting, Information Technology & Services, Acturial, Market Research and others translates into a differentiated value proposition and stimulates time-to- market for clients. The company delivers comprehensive services to hundreds businesses including EXL Services (Gurgaon, Noida, Bengaluru, Mumbai & Pune among others), AltiSource Business Solutions (Mumbai, Bangalore), XCEEDANCE (Gurgaon, Noida, Bangalore), Nepa India Market Research, Nuevora Analytics (Hyderabad), Zinnov Management Consulting (Bangalore, Gurgaon), RSA Actuarial Services, IQR Analytics, MotilalOswal Securities, Pine Labs, Latentview Analytics and many more. For their HR operations in India, many US & European companies have strategic collaboration with Red Rock for their specialized solutions. Red Rock’s transparent, efficient and flexible world class HR services process zero downs risks of project failures and creates powerful HR solutions that meet present as well as future demands.

 For almost a decade, Red Rock has taken leadership role in consulting market to solve weaknesses in HR management and empower clients through its expertise.  Delivering  full fledge solutions to its clients, Red Rock proves its expertise in various areas including Java/UI/J2EE/C++/ Spring/ Soap/ETL Developer,R/SAS/Matlab/SPSS/Python, Data Base Administrator/MIS/Operations/Underwriting,Hadoop/Cassandra/Hive, L1, L2 &L3 Support, Internal Audit/ IT Audit? Starts Audit/ Corporate Accounting/ Due Diligence/ Compliance, Compensation Benefit/ HR Analytics/ Primary & Secondary Research/ Insight, Android/ IOS/ Mobile Developer/ Web Developer, UNIX/ Shell/ Qlik/ View/ Tableau, MDM- Informatica, Big Data- Data Scientist/ Machine Learning/ NLP/ Predictive & Statistical Modelling/ Social Media, Project Manager/ Program Manager/ Business Analyst/ Delivery Head/ Insight Sales/ Business Consultants, Oracle/ My SQL Teradata, QA/ Mannual/ Automation/ Testing and many more.

With the fact of providing one of the best-in-class services, Red Rock attracts clients with several dominant prospects. Red Rock’s services offers you increased flexibility with reducing high risk. With Red Rock you gain access to highly skilled workers with board experience. Red Rock’s expertise offers you top quality employees with the help of their strong network and database. In fact, they have a humble way of dealing business with their client wherein they work like your partner helping you speed up in hiring process. The company’s consultation services in parallel they help you manage uncertainties and they also help you to close positions in least CV’s sourced to save on your time.

Being asked by The CEO Magazine about differentiation factors of the company, Mr. Ranjit Singh Bhutani, MD and CEO of Red Rock spoke: “I am frequently asked by the new & prospective clients whom I speak for business with that how we are different from other HR Consulting firms in the industry. In this unorganized sector of HR Consulting, I completely understand their apprehensions as the foul, unskilled & unprofessional players are many who are operating out of anonymous garages and apartments. In Delhi NCR itself there are about phenomenal 8000 HR consulting firms operating out of everywhere. So the big question comes that how we at Red Rock distinguish ourselves? Do we just source the candidate’s CV to the client or do we add some value to our services as well. Well, of-course there is a key ingredient in our quality work & deliverables because of which wherever we partner, we become the Partners in Success. Our prospective clients have to lend us an opportunity once to get an essence of it, not boasting but Red Rock has actually replaced recruitment giants of the country at few of our clients, probably those giants are yet unaware of it.

Generally, our screening process by industry specialist recruiters add value and ensure thatthe sourcing begins within less than 48 hours of receiving the mandates from your end. For this reason, we have a high level of client retention and service satisfaction for all assignments that come to us. This is our USP and we see ourselves as an extension of the client HR team where we demand high standards in our service.” 

Most of the companies struggle to sustain profitability once they start seeing growth in revenue. Having right strategies, execution of strategies on time, employee ownership and alignment of each employee to organizational goals and vision are some of the issues that impact the financial performance. With their innovative thought, Red Rock helps clients create a continuous improvement culture that results in sustainable growth in profits and revenue.

Now Red Rock aims to strengthen their presence strongly and building team to achieve their objective of becoming Top consulting company in our focused markets.

Below are the few initiatives planned by Red Rock:

  • To tap more Fortune 500 companies in Analytics, BFSI, Market Research, IT/ITeS, KPO’s to partner with Red Rock for us to render our Lateral & Leadership Hiring Services to them
  • To start the verticals of Under Your Roof (UYR) Plug-in HR Services, UYR Built-in HR Services, Payroll Services, and expand our market for Contractual and Temp Hiring Services
  • Initiate the business process for payroll services and HR training

Incredible Milestones of Red Rock 

Since its inception, Red Rock has touched several milestones time-to-time which are below:

  • Now Founded by VC and a strong Board Member Leadership Team to efficiently run the operations
  • Vertical growth even in sluggish markets scenarios from Dec 2012 when they began their operations
  • Successfully completed 3 years in business with 20% growth YoY (2014-15 YoY 2015-16)
  • Experienced less than 5% attrition in the candidates placed in the first year.
  • NASSCOM member since October 2015
  • Recommended by Prime Minister of India for contributing to make in India initiative
  • Red Rock was featured as “ HR StartUp of The Year-2014” by Silicon India Magazine
  • Re-featured as HR StartUp of The Year-2016” by Silicon India Magazine.

The Spirit behind the success 

Ranjit Singh Bhutani- MD & CEO, Red Rock

Ranjit is the current Chief Executive Officer of Red Rock India’s one of the best Comprehensive HR solution companies throughout India.  He is widely recognized for his role in shaping the Human Resource sector in India and for his leadership of the Red Rock.

Ranjit began his career, as Managing Director and he did fabulous job to become a CEO of Red Rock. A firm has been conceptualized and managed by Ranjit. He took on the challenge of building trust and productive approach in HR functions, with strong focus on exploring skilled people, innovation, and many more productive initiatives. Ranjit brings deep proficiency to Red Rock in organizational strategic planning and implementation, process improvements, and credibility. He holds extensive HR experience in the field which makes him expert in HR services.


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