Top Food Startup Companies in India, Defining the Future of Food Industry in 2019

Top Food Startup Companies in India, Defining the Future of Food Industry in 2019

Nothing can content us as much as a delicious meal. Good food brings a smile and satisfaction on your face. In recent years, this food fever has strongly hit the entrepreneurial world also. And, it has become the stairs for many startup companies in India.

Present-day, the Indian food industry in India is a huge market and we have seen many numerous startups emerging in this space. The CEO Magazine gets you the top food startup companies in India that are playing well in the game of food business:

  1. Wow! Momo

It is one of the most growing food chains in India. In a very short period, the company has grown and has opened branches in Delhi, Chennai, Kochi, and many other places. Wow! Sell burgers, Tibetan food and other variety of foods.

Founded In: 2008

Headquarter: Kolkata 

  1. Zomato

Zomato is a well-known startup company. It is quite successful food tech startup around India with 42,000 restaurants listed across all the major cities and now turning into an international business in over 23 countries.

Founded In: 2008

Headquarter: Gurgaon 

  1. Fit

CureFit entered the market to operate a platform to a healthy power lifestyle and holistic cure in fitness, food, and mental well-being. The Company offers three products:, and for fitness, nutrition, and psychological well-being respectively.

Founded In: 2016

Headquarter: Bangalore‍

  1. FreshMenu

Fresh Menu is a delivery service provider. The company cooks as well as delivers food. After inception, within 2 years, the company saw 3 x growths in the number of orders. Their efficient team of 500 employees operate their kitchens, cook food in-house and have their delivery team.

Founded In: 2014

Headquarter: Bengaluru, Karnataka 

  1. Swiggy

Swiggy is an online food ordering and delivery service operating in what’s called the food-tech industry. It works as a medium to order food and does not play a role in the making of food that is served to the customers.

Founded In: 2014

Headquarter: Bengaluru 

  1. Inner Chef

Inner Chef works in two ways: Ready-to-Eat, perfect for working professionals who are hard-pressed for time and Ready-to-Cook, for those who want to cook without the hassle of the cooking process. The concept of Inner Chef is years ahead of its time in the Indian market but has definite potential to go big in the coming day.

Founded In: 2015

Headquarter: Gurugram

  1. Coco Berry

Coco Berry is the part of Horizon group and offers delicious and healthy frozen yogurt. Additionally, they also deal with soups, salads, ice green tea, smoothies. The company operates in all major cities and has approx 50 outlets.

Founded In: 2009

Headquarter: Gurgaon

  1. Feazt was started with an aim “Never Eat Alone“. It provides its customers with a path to meet new people over food. Feazt works like a social platform bringing passionate home chefs, professional chefs, travelers, and foodies together. Feazt’s aim is to encourage people to socialize over food.

Founded In: 2014

Headquarter: Hyderabad

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