Thinking Agency Eventsource Seeks to Shape the Future of Events through its Rich Experience

Thinking Agency Eventsource Seeks to Shape the Future of Events through its Rich Experience

RN Eventsource Management Pvt. Ltd. was born out of the founders’ passion for effective communication. It is a convergence platform where ideas, philosophies and market dynamics are exchanged to institutionalize the future of market communication industry. The people behind creating this brand power are Rajendra Joshi, Nitesh Agrawal & Shautick S Das.  Known to be a result driven and seasoned professionals, Rajendra has worked across categories and brands. Raj as he is fondly referred to in the industry is an expert in on ground operations. Being a visionary and an expert in financial planning; Nitesh has a varied experience across several industries and he is an expert in logistics. Shautick, is the man of the energy. He is the strategic backbone of the organization along with plans and drives holistic growth of the organization. His quest for new and innovative methods of working always gives the firm the edge.

Since starting of its journey, this entrepreneurial venture, Eventsource’s commitment has centered on providing the highest quality of consulting services with focus on Brand Activation & Corporate Events, Intellectual Properties and Television Media.

“If we can provide intelligent business solutions through experiential platform, of which events are a part, it would see more effective work and create long-term meaningful rational and emotional relationships with the clients,” explains Nitesh.

Based in Bangalore, with an office in Kochi, Eventsource has worked hard to build a value driven entity with laser focus on market communication that is the need for today and tomorrow. The core proposition of the thinking agency is dependability & ethics and this reflects across all their policies. It’s a highly energetic environment where the company encourages different thoughts. The diversity can be also found in their culture. Within a short span of time, the company has hugely impacted on the market communication industry by creating various differences. The organization is inclined more towards a consulting approach rather than a purely operational mode. Perhaps, their greatest achievement is bringing the business angle and intellect on to the same table. Owing to its growth in recent times, Eventsource has achieved a lot of milestones in their journey. The company executed Mercedes Benz Research & Development India’s unique CSR initiative in India called ‘SAFE ROADS’. This is a very prestigious event for MBRDI where they have their top Management participate in an initiative to educate on Road Safety. This includes a combination of exhibition and events.  On the business direction, Eventsource’s successful venture in to the business of conceptualizing and partnering with media channels in creating value and knowledge based serious reality shows. They have just completed Hausley Ki Udaan Season 2 with ABP news which is currently being telecast successfully.

How did you generate this idea to set up this organization? The CEO Magazine asked Mr. Joshi. “There are two ways to start a business, one, you need to make money so let’s start a business, the other which we are a part of is that you are passionate about something, now let’s find a way to generate income from that. We got into this business purely because we were passionate about creating effective experiences. However, we studied the market at that time and realized that there was a need in the market for a professional agency whose expertise and intelligence was purely in execution. Given this need, we launched Eventsource, so we were arguably South India’s first professional execution agency at that point in time. Later we realized that the market dynamics were changing and for the future, we needed to move beyond just operational mode. The future demanded a more intellectual approach to experiential marketing and events which were not being addressed to then; hence we have now re-positioned ourselves as strategic consultants and have restructured the organization accordingly. Though we started work from 2006, Eventsource, was formally founded in the year 2008,”he asserted.

Commenting on company’s culture, Shautick said: “We believe that aptitude can be gained, attitude cannot. Therefore, we recruit for attitude first and aptitude second. As an organization we are a hierarchy neutral organization, which means a trainee can become the CEO of the company if he or she is capable. We inform this to every new recruit and at all levels. This actually inspires a lot of people today. Every aspect of our policies is tuned to support the performers. The core proposition of our organization is ethics and this reflects across all our policies internal and external. It’s a highly energetic environment where we encourage different thoughts. That is why we recruit candidates from various aspects of life.”

The company’s vision has always guided its planning initiatives and growth pattern so far. In this phase of its growth plan, it is focusing on organic growth both in terms of revenue and value of work. Currently headquartered in Bengaluru with an office in Kochi, Eventsource plans to expand to Delhi and Mumbai. Fortunately, at this stage of its growth, it is sufficiently funded and denies any external funding, but looks towards adding a few people to its advisory board.


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