“Str8bat will be a game-changer for batting coaching and will also revolutionize the way we watch batting in the future” Greg Chappell, Australian cricket legend.

Appreciated by thousands of cricketers, picked up by the well-renowned team of Rajasthan Royals at Indian Premier League 2019, str8bat, a Bengaluru based start-up amplified the power of technology by unifying it with cricket.

If you are a cricketer aspiring to become the best in your field, follow the game passionately and work hard at perfecting your swing, getting everything done right, str8bat is designed to serve and cement your purpose to perfection.

Under the innovative leadership of GaganDaga, CEO/Captain, and Rahul Nagar, COO, str8bat has been orchestrating on the idea of blending the deep understanding of science and cricket supported by technological advancements to help you make your game strong. The company has come up with a device that provides players and coaches’ insights on their performance levels and helps them analyze and improve their skills. The start-up strives to empower each cricketer on this planet with sufficient aptitude to realize their dream. The device uses state of the art motion sensors that helps one identify the strength and weaknesses visually, actionably and instantly.


GaganDaga, CEO/Captain, str8bat, after spending close to 15 years in a corporate career, he has ventured into entrepreneurship. In his corporate avatar, Gagan was a Business Strategy & Transformation industry expert who brought over a decade of leadership experience in management consulting, sales, business strategy and product development with a strong background in Information Technology.

Rahul Nagar, COO /All Rounder, str8bat, being an endurance athlete (Olympic Triathlete, IronMan, Marathon Runner & Long Distance Swimmer), he is a big proponent of technology usage in sports to help upcoming, professionals and amateur players. Before incubating str8bat, Rahul was a Digital Transformation Leader with IBM India, in his corporate career of 20 years; he has worked both in India & USA with organizations like Covansys/CSC, Fidelity Sanchez, World Data Inc, Yash Technologies, and Citicorp/Citibank.


The str8bat sensor is a multipurpose device; it’s rhetorically light as a feather, it weighs a mere 15gm. It is supposed to be attached to your bat and function by recording data like a wagon wheel, speed, impact, bat angle, bat speed, and accelerated downswing. This way a new perspective is added to the game and it helps the coaches and players to monitor sessions in detail

Gagan further added, “You can call str8bat a democracy of 22 yards; anybody can use it at any place at any time and you get instant insights instantly at your fingertips, some of which you never had access to help you take your game to the next level. Every sports player, amateur or professional has this innate desire to get better and we are that friend who helps in making the player a better version of himself.”

The data that is captured by the device is transferred to the app and is later utilized in providing a complete 3D visualization of all the shots that have been played. This device has proven functional in enhancing the ability to measure the improvement spaces and techniques.

“Str8bat is a classic example of an iterative model where the product is co-created along with its customers. Str8bat has evolved through a process that had recorded 40,000 shots before our launch. Since launching we have recorded another 150,000 shots, enabling insights for thousands of players to improve beyond imagination. Str8bat has gone through the rigor and testing, which makes it the most reliable bat sensor across the globe” states Rahul.


Based on the finest IoT technology, very advanced motion science and data science algorithm, str8bat helps you track your performance and improve your game while you are at it. At the same time, it also compares how the player has fared against their role model. All this is possible with the use of advanced technology that automatically will identify the types of shots the cricketer is playing and highlight the areas that require more attention. This start-up will provide you with an access to the best cricketing minds of the industry and would connect you through the best of coaches for guidance across the globe.

In an interview, Harmanpreet Kaur, India Women’s T20 captain shared her experience about the product with exhilaration adding it is all about getting better each day and st8bat technology has helped her monitor each of her sessions and build the right muscle memory. The device according to her is user-friendly and helps her in actionable insights.


Like any other start-up, the infancy stage for str8bat wasn’t a cakewalk either; they had to polish to perfection the product they had launched in the market. One of the first few hiccups that they had to battle was to correct if there were any in-built errors in the sensor and take care of it in-case that bat goes under any impact while in the middle of the play.

The team at the company was persistently working towards this successful innovation and dealt with it being ahead of time.


The product was launched in late last year and it has already bagged close to 2000 players to its account who satisfactorily are using this device. But what gave them an edge are all the algorithms that have been innovated and developed by the str8bat team. The fact that they are not dependent on anyone for the core of this device is something that their competitors haven’t achieved yet.

In the forthcoming years, the company is looking forward to reaching out to millions of players across the spectrum, both professionals and amateurs, academies, teams, leagues, and associations using their innovation to get better. The plan is to introduce innovations that would help a player in analyzing their head balance, movement of the feet, solution for bowling and more is on the cards. Str8bat is looking forward to extending its market and add other sports to the picture as well.

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