Smile SIICP: The Consummate Surface to Cope with Colorectal Disorders

Smile SIICP: The Consummate Surface to Cope with Colorectal Disorders

In recent times, the colorectal disorder has emerged as a serious health concern. At present, approximately one-third of the people in the country are experiencing different colorectal disorders and anorectal issues like rectal prolapse, pilonidal sinus, fistula, fissures and more. There are numerous preventive measures for anorectal ailments, like pelvic physical activity, avoiding strain while passing stool, controlling constipation by eating a high-fiber diet. But finding an impeccable and perpetual resolution is almost impossible as many people are embarrassed to talk about rectal troubles- it’s veiled, as an often-neglected compass. It becomes more difficult to treat anorectal health issues as it is often a neglected area of healthcare. Most of the people hesitate to speak about it to their family and friends and even avoid to consult with the doctor. However, there is a need of an instant solution as it causes serious health problems, if ignored. While most of the people don’t seek help because of embarrassment, others do not have an idea where to turn.

SIICP brings a unique state-of-the-art anal and rectal diseases treatment that offers the modern technology-based process and is scientifically proven and Internationally approved. It is engaged to empower the improved gut microbiome health, eliminating the imbalanced through the development and great treatment of this disease.  Here, patients are provided a reliable, quick and effective cure to get rid of all sorts of anorectal problems. It follows an authentic method. While medications are not yet developed in the region for this problem, SIICP team holds dexterity to cure it for you.

The Smile SIICP has a notable and rich history. It was founded in 2014 with a vision to touch every life- from rural areas to small cities. The hospital is elegantly designed, having a central atrium with four wings built around it. It has state-of-the-art and latest equipment(s) for diagnostics and treatment facilities and is staffed by some of the finest medical and administrative personnel. Minimally invasive, affordable and painless procedures add more shine to the adroitness of the organization.

Contemporaneous Status of SIICP

Today, the hospital is serving in Ramanaganar, Channapatna, and Mandya districts, thus making people’s life easier and healthier. All the techniques used to treat people are completely safe and have no side-effects. Apart from the treatment and health support, Smile SIICP also focuses on making people aware about colorectal disorders and their effects.

Architect Personal: Dr Parameshwara

SIICP, the world’s first integrated Colo-rectal hospital is the reflection of the great ideology of Dr Parameshwara CM. He saw a lot of people suffering from health issues due to the lack of equipment availability and proper medical support. His generous personality always brings ideas to improve people’s life and health. When he found that colo-rectal is becoming a major health concern among people and 30% of the population in the country is facing related problems, he stemmed the vision of Smile SIICP. Parameshwara is an acknowledged persona within colo-rectal treatment spectrum and has successfully treated thousands of patients till date.

The Commencement

There stands no unique episode behind the formation Smile SIICP. A number of social stigmas are attached to the problem due to numerous myths. People do not want to disclose their problems, and doctors do not want to go in this medical line. In order to bridge the gap between patients, and insufficient medical facilities, the SIICP was inaugurated with all sort of medical facilities and best treatment process and bringing back the smiles on the faces of million suffering from Colo-Rectal problems around the world.

Extraordinary Features that Make SIICP Unique

SIICP team is committed to high-quality patient care, education and clinical research in bringing something better every time.  The surgical facility is composed of a diverse group of general surgeons and specialists which bestows the team with a leading edge. The ultimate purpose of SIICP team’s clinical and scientific activities is to provide the best supervision to patients. Their uniqueness and individuality are reflected in their amazing contribution to make the people’s lives better.

Merchandise & Health Assistance

SIICP supplies painless treatment piles with the support of the latest technology and delivers excellent long-term results. It is one of the first dedicated centers of India for management of diseases of the colon, rectum, and anus. This hospital offers cutting-edge treatments in terms of piles, fistula, chronic, constipation and other issues.

The doctors are expert surgeons giving a world-class colorectal care by using their decades of experience. First of all, they determine the main cause of the complication and then tailor the perfect medication. Entering this hospital puts one in touch with the multidisciplinary expert team, who is continually working with people to find the effective treatments.

Forthcoming Strategy of the Pioneer

SIICP aims to be the leader in Colo-Rectal Care Domain, and hence, it is looking forward to expanding its networking. For this, it has initiated certain training programmes for colorectal surgeons. The company is also anticipating to arrange funds and looking for investors. As per the company resource, once the funds are arranged, the project will start working in different part of the country including Mangalore, Mumbai, Tirupati, Hyderabad, Nellore, Hosur, Kakinada, Visakhapatnam, and Vijayawada.

Dynamic Leadership

Dr CM Paramesh

(Founder & Chief Executive Officer)

Mr Rajesh Reddy A

(Chief Operating Officer)

Dr Prashanth J V

(Senior Colorectal surgeon)

Dr Somasundar

(Anaesthesiologist – Mandya center)

Dr Swaroop

(Anaesthesiologist – Bangalore center)

Dr Karthik

 (Colorectal surgeon)

Dr Pavithra

(Medical Director & colorectal physician– Bangalore center)

Dr Madesh

(Medical Director & colorectal physician – Mandya center)

Ms Sowmya

(Head – Patient relation)

Ms Anjelin

(Head – Admin)

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