SchoolHandy: Mitigating the fault lines between you and your ward’s school

SchoolHandy: Mitigating the fault lines between you and your ward’s school

The world is really changing, so are the methods of education. Gone are those days when students alone were responsible for their studies and learning. Newly rich and educated middle-class parents are becoming more involved in the lives of their children, and more importantly in their education at primary level, and why not, these seedlings will probably become trees in future making a forest of their own. Contemporary times are of overwhelming information and distraction. Parents and Guardians need constant updates about their ward to ensure that they are walking on the right track. Apart from there is a dire need of increasing interaction between the guardians and school staff, as the child’s future is a resultant of guardians and academic institutions collective and combined efforts.

In present times, ‘parent engagement’ and ‘home-to-school connection’ is twirled a lot. Both parents and teachers have to walk on a two-way street of communication as their roles favour each other as ‘partners.’ Oddly, as the size of the working population is getting bigger, the parent-school relationship is being stormed by hot waters of disconnections and misperceptions. Some parents don’t comprehend the educational systems of their ward’s schools, while some feel they don’t share a good relationship with the teacher and don’t receive crucial information on a regular basis. Modern parents’ appetite is for more than test papers; they need feedback about their children, their safety and concern. They want to be ‘involved’ in every activity encircling around their children. To let the parents and school cross this two-way communication street, SchoolHandy has created a perfect crosswalk. A comprehensive cloud-based application, SchoolHandy has emerged as an educational value bridge between the schools and the parents to capacitate an effective and souped-up communication process for the improved academic performance of the child. As an online school ERP system, the application homes deftness to give the user a hand to access multiple functionalities available on the app once they register. The one-to-one connection between the educational institutions and parents cultivates a faster, smoother and more effective communication modus operandi where parents feel more involved in the process, and teachers can share important information with them through the touch of the button.

The anecdote behind SchoolHandy

A pioneer taking in control of the management of the schools to let them focus on what they are institutionalized upon- teaching.

SchoolHandy is the brainchild of serial entrepreneur, Chirag Palande. The seeds of the vision were implanted over a dinner table discussion by a responsible father of two daughters after putting heads together with his wife on how to get more involved in their academic progress while erasing the communication obstacles. And here he is today, a red-lettered entrepreneur who is taking his entrepreneurial endeavor towards the new pinnacles while adding values to the education system of the country.

Setting New Benchmarks

SchoolHandy: Management + Safety + Communication


  • Homework: Manage daily homework and assignments with Schoolhandy
  • Fee Payment: Parents can pay the school fee online through Schoolhandy
  • Forum Discussion: One can have a closure lookout at his child’s activities, PATA meetings and much more.
  • Result Announcements: Teachers can share a student’s report card directly with parents for one-to-one correspondence.
  • Timetable: Teachers can share student’s timetable with parent’s directly on the app.
  • Announcements: With the app stay notified about every notice issued by the school.
  • Attendance Mapping: Teachers can record their attendance hassle-free with the online attendance management system.
  • Tracking: Have a real-time update on your kid’s school bus whereabouts.
  • Holiday Application: Apply for leave online through Schoolhandy app to get it sanctioned.
  • Gallery: Parents can get images/videos of various school events.

We recently caught up with Chirag to discuss how he is planning to change the face of the parent-school relation.

Let’s hear straight from the young mind

Why is it important for companies to innovate and invest in modern technologies?

It’s what you call Spencerian ‘survival of the fittest.’ But in the business landscape, it goes as the survival of the smartest. If you don’t evolve along with the ever-evolving world, you’re bound to be left behind. In this world of the technology-driven living, schools can’t be overlooked. The teaching institutes of India need a major overhaul when it comes to technology, and SchoolHandy is absolutely about that. I myself am a firm believer of the ‘Padhega India tabhi toh Badhega India’ doctrine. But, in order for India to grow, it needs to sprout not just by quantity, but by quality too. As we say, not just be book-smart, be street-smart, and I plan to be a catalyst for this impending change. SchoolHandy makes each teacher and each parent a ‘smart teacher’ and a ‘smart parent’ by harnessing technology.

What landmark did SchoolHandy create since its inception?

We are quite new to this whole idea, so we’re yet to go live with School Handy services. However, we are running beta programs with two private schools which are expected to go live by October 2018. Personally, I feel it as a huge success to have this app up and running on the Play Store with all the functionalities tailor-made to suit all schools across various boards like SSC, ICSE, CBSE, and IB. Earlier, I used to wonder about how convenient it would be if I could have a platform where I could engage with my child’s teachers to talk about his development. And now, with this app, I feel like I did hit a home run. Fingers Crossed!

What do you want to accomplish in the future?

Hailing from a humble background, I have a habit of setting realistic goals for myself. I have the vision to expand to at least 100 schools in the next three years. I plan to see SchoolHandy as a part of every school’s management system. A much-needed communication bridge between school and parents would no longer be just a wish.

Share your favourite piece of being an innovative leader.

Being an innovative leader has made me capable of envisioning innovation in the smallest of things- that’s how SchoolHandy was born after all. I truly believe that change is the only constant and one should keep reinventing themselves and their surroundings to be successful in the long run.

What is one piece of advice you think would help entrepreneurs most?

I want to share the advice that I myself find very true in testing times- When the world says that it’s a bad idea, that’s when you need to believe in it the most. A serial entrepreneur at heart, Chirag has laid the bedrock of numerous successful ventures including Gift Box, which is into corporate gifting and Mobaccs, an e-commerce platform which houses private label electronic gadgets, Chirag’s expertise has been acknowledged across the gifting industry with his noteworthy stints at companies like Sodexo and Network TV18.

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