Advertising sure has transformed dynamically according to the developments in technology. From the time of advertisement on leaves, we are now in an age of virtual advertising world. The charm of advertising is so profound that even towering literary figures like Tagore couldn’t remain untouched. Advertising not only provides information about the products and services but also plays an important role in the economy. Technological advancements have made the most pertinent impact on the advertising world, like with the discovery of wireless, then television and now the internet has totally changed the meaning of modern advertising. Looking at the opportunities after some research and discovering a niche in the promotional world, Yash Daga along with his brother Ashish Daga came with an idea of a one-stop-expertise advertising firm that would rejuvenate the dull and ordinary contemporary advertising world. According to Yash, these are the darkest times for the advertising world, so rather being a spectator, he decided to take a step to revive this dormant creativity. The firm specializes in market insights, creative ideas, and execution. They have scored good points with both local and national brands by targeting their message/products to the right niche audience. The firm operates with a firm belief in assisting countless clients to reach broad audiences and being their partner in growth. Fiberboard is a Bootstrapped family owned business.

Here are the edited excerpts from the conversation between our editorial team and Yash.

What problem does your company solve and how are you different from others?

We strive hard to meet the exact requirements of the clients, figure out the identities and approach different agencies for different activities. We convince the unwilling clients to adapt to the pace of change. Fiberboard maintains a mix of full-service and highly specialized professionals and aims to become the expert of a best-in-class service agency. We approach the client’s problems with a unique and most preferable POV and employ performance-based pricing by focusing on engagement and conversions. We help our clients to grow their business and provide quality services that show them a good result. We have made innovation Holographic Advertising, and introduced LED Products like Cycle, Van, and others, 3D Projection Mapping & Water Projections.

What are the parameters for measuring success?

We measure success by keeping a tab on Return on Investment, Customer lifetime value, website visits by individuals, Search Engine Traffic, Bounce Rate, Conversion rate, Automation and analysis of data collection, Cost per Opportunity, Social media reach and engagement, and retaining the existing customers.

What are the addressable market and the percentage you plan to cover?

With the rapid growth in the Indian advertising Industry, we defined the market opportunity by evaluating our business model to identify target consumers, direct and indirect competitors, brand value propositions, existing regulations, and the general environment. Our actual addressable market ranges from the Small Business Enterprises with limited budgets to MNC’s companies ready to spend any amount to reach the right niche of customers. We plan to capture up to 20% more of the target market who will buy our services in the next three years.

How did you arrive at the sales of your industry and its growth rate?

We focus the target market while listing the features and benefits, evaluating the competitors,  considering the brand importance, and then decide whether the emotional needs of the clients are met by us or not. Most importantly, our focus remains on Differentiation & quality of work.

Who are your clients? How do you work on your long-term relationship with your clients?

Some of our prestigious clients are Uber, BMW, Swiggy, Studio11, Foodpanda, CEAT, Bigbazaar, and Magma. We have employed several methods to build long-term valuable relationships with our clients by using the websites, emails, social media posts to ensure engagements with our customers and increase trustful connection. We regularly contact them and keep updates on the results, if we fail, we improvise. We encourage experiential marketing techniques such as announce, invite and follow-ups. We also provide services for value-addition thereby increasing customer loyalty. Folks who want to associate with us, please write to [email protected] or visit

Have you reached out to potential customers for feedback?

We reach our clients by providing proactive chat support, using feedback forms for grievances, calling our customers regularly provide us with first-hand feedback, and using email surveys for new customers. We monitor social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn to improve user experience and monitor competitors as well.

What are the big achievements?

We get brands integrated into movies, provide them with new technologies and ideas that bring them results. Well-planned political campaigns for Parties and candidates have been part of their success.

Dynamic Leadership

Yash Daga is the brains behind Fiberboard’s success, with a Corporate BBA and a Diploma in Entrepreneurship from CMS Jain University. He has rich work experience in the fields of branding, advertising, and marketing. With his brother Ashish, he launched Fiberboard and also operates business and CSR ventures. He believes that personal appreciation with high paychecks can burst the Myth of Sisyphus and feels hard-work is required to get smart.

Tell us about your learning curve and what is your biggest dream?

I have learned life lessons from the mistakes I made, and it has helped me to evolve. As an entrepreneur, I keep myself updated with all the things possible. So, I try to learn every day about marketing, movies & politics. My biggest dream is to keep creating amazing revolutions in the Advertising Industry.

How did you overcome the failures?

It’s critical that you use your failure to motivate yourself and to try and ensure that all these low pushes you to a higher plane.

How were your journey and the most difficult lesson you learned as an entrepreneur?

Being a part of a start-up bring changes within the self and helps in realizing our true personality. I understand now that it’s not easy to convince the client about their actual requirements as they have been doing well without that as well but for us developing an ecosystem is the prime focus.

A piece of advice for the budding entrepreneurs

Start Early, Generate Idea, Review Idea, believe in your idea and try it. Take risks when you are young, so there are stories to tell when you grow old, and there is time to learn from your mistakes. Inspire & motivate yourself because no one else can do it for you. Include your values & ethics in your work. Encode yourself to immerse in the unknown, don’t accept the “What” instead hunt for the “Why’s” & dissect the “How’s. “Don’t just network, build relationships. Entrepreneurs do what they love, and they love what they do.

The Road Ahead

We like to introduce state-of-the-art technologies to help the brand reach out to their customers in a better way, have a strong pan India distribution network, attain a high reputation for quality work, Merger & acquisition for expansion, and new strategies for market research. Plans to enter the cinematic world in future are also in the fold. We want to increase our client base and enter the field of managing campaigns for Lok Sabha elections.

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