‘Isthiri Petti’ – A Laundry and Ironing Start-up

 ‘Isthiri Petti’ – A Laundry and Ironing Start-up

You must have heard that first impression is the last impression and that’s completely true, no one know what type of person you are in the first meeting. People judge you on your appearance, therefore, having clean and crisp clothes are important.

Be it men, women or children, everyone wants a well washed and ironed clothes. Every person, at some point, would have struggled with some kind of issue with their clothes like stubborn stains and wrinkled clothes. To solve this issue faced by common people, Sandhya Nambiar founded a company “Isthiri Petti” in the year 2017 which takes care of your clothes by washing and ironing them. ‘Isthiri Petti’ is a professional steam ironing and laundry business which serves to both B2B and B2C clients.

Founder and CEO of the company Sandhya said – “We wanted to give each of our customers the joy of wearing fresh, crisp, and neatly packed clothes with our fragrance ironing so each cloth smells just as new. Laundry is a large unorganised sector in India. With Isthiri Petti, we want to bring in the comfort of easing out chores, resulting in the customer’s happiness and satisfaction”

This Chennai based start-up aims to make the process of picking and delivering laundry to your preferred place simpler. This will eliminate daily quarrel with your local cloth washer on cloth stain, coal smell, cash transactions, or timing.

Beginning of ‘Isthiri Petti’

For working professionals, laundry and ironing is one of the most hated domestic works and no one wants to waste their time arguing with their local washer for issues like heat stains or missing clothes. Laundry and ironing is a much-needed service but it is still done the old fashioned way. This gives Sandhya an idea to start this service. Just like grocery is now being delivered at your doorsteps similarly, the idea of doing the same with laundry struck her due to the unavailability and untapped services.

Sandhya was an HR professional and while she was researching on the laundry sector she realised how unorganised, unexplored and professionally untouched the sector is. Therefore, she came up with ‘Isthiri Petti’. This company was started as a micro-sized steam ironing unit at Nungambakkam, Chennai in the year 2018 and now it is a small scale factory, set up at Pallikaranai city. It offers both laundry and steam ironing services to various customers in the retail and hospitality sectors.

A major turning point for ‘Isthiri Petti’ was when it began offering their services to OYO and Compass. They now serve every OYO across the city, MNC’s like Ford and Shell. This is surely a rich and strengthening experience for a young start-up like ‘Isthiri Petti’.

Overcoming Challenges 

This start-up faced many challenges until now which includes raising awareness about the difference between steam ironing and regular ironing, guarantee of quality and safety of their clothes and making this services accessible and affordable to the people of every income levels.

Despite these challenges, there is a huge potential in the market for both the B2B and B2C sectors. As the hospitality and the accommodation industries have seen significant growth in the last couple of years, with an increase in IT parks, institutions, and medical facilities, it provides a huge potential for the laundry business in both B2B and B2C segments. According to Statista, a statistical portal the laundry care business is valued around $4,000 million in 2019 and it is expected to rise 3.7 per cent annually till 2023.

Isthiri Petti has several competitors like PickMyLaundry, Urban Dhobi and Tooler but the quality of services, delivery time, and economic packages makes Isthiri Petti better than its competitors.

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