“Each project is an opportunity for us to create bespoke and unique ideas and bring social change within the limitations delineated by the client.”

Atelier Dsync

Architecture and designing, for years, has been appealing to us on the level of aesthetics. This beautiful blend of technology and art has mightily transformed bland erect structures into works of art. Every industry observes trends that come and go, but every once in a while, we also see trends that turn into legacies, which, for generations are looked up to for setting invincible standards.

Ar. Shivarao Channapattan Managing Director (Co-Founder) and Ar. Karishma Desai Creative Director (Co-Founder), Atelier Dsync are setting standards tough to beat – operating in the realm of Architecture, Urban and Rural Planning, Urban Design and Landscape Design with a collaborative international design practice of their venture.

Together, they strongly encourage the idea of “co-existence” and hence have been committed to delivering innovative, contextual and pragmatic design solutions to enhance the built – environment.


Ar. Shivarao Channapattan,

His strong belief in the power of design to transform spaces, communities, and economies through social design instigated him to establish ADS. Graduated from BVBCET, Karnataka, his inclination towards Urbanism instigated him to undertake a Master’s degree in Urban Design from the Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology (CEPT), Ahmedabad, India. Further, his increasing fetish to explore urbanism beyond its material and design aesthetics prompted him to pursue MSc in City Design and Social Science (Cities Programme) from the London School of Economics, UK.

Ar. Karishma Desai,

Her quest to create ‘Co-existent Communities’ as an alternative model for future Architecture and Urbanism brought her to found Atelier Dsync. She graduated from SCET, Surat and it was her Dissertation work, which instigated her to perceive her Masters Degree in Urban Design from the Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology (CEPT), Ahmedabad, India. Later she joined the Landscape Urbanism Program at the prestigious Architectural Association London, UK. For 17 years, she has worked with the public and private sectors in the sphere of Architecture, Master Planning, and Urban Design.

Founded in 2013, Atelier Dsync came into being to create a space for “Social design” innovation to explore architecture and design beyond its material and design aesthetics, to bring a new paradigm shift in contemporary design practice that delves into the human emotion as well as experience. They conceive design as a mode of research to synchronize design ideas through constant interaction between various stakeholders and adopt a combination of analytical tools and innovative technology to facilitate their aspirations in harmony with culture, Place, and time.


The “Social design” process acts as a catalyst to improve the client’s well-being and experience; while dwelling in the designed spaces. Also, in many projects, it also enables them to improve the local economic condition and empower the skills of the local artisan to face future construction challenges.

“The blackbuck lodge is one such example where the co-existence between the landscape, biodiversity as well as the local craft have come together to create a very contextual and sustainable design solution” further add the Co-founders.

Differentiating Factors

Atelier Dsync does not have any specific design style and prescribed material palette. Instead, the methods of constant engagement with clients and sites offer an opportunity to generate outside-the-box design ideas that demonstrate the theory and design philosophy. Their expertise in urban design and social sciences has always helped to create a human-centric approach to design.


Atelier Dsync is operating pan India with offices in Surat, Ahmedabad (Gujarat) and Gurugram (New-Delhi-NCR) and have collaborative offices operating from London, Barcelona, and Beijing.

In the past 6 years, the studio has designed and executed projects across varied scales and character. ADS very early on its career got an opportunity to work on a large scale Jungle Resort project – ‘The Blackbuck Lodge’ at Velavadar, Gujarat, India which helped to create a niche for a bespoke practice by demonstrating the essence of co-existence. Their earlier works comprised of interior design and refurbishments. Eventually, they graduated to Architecture and master planning projects pan India such as farmhouses, Luxury villas, Resorts, corporate offices, and commercial office towers, etc.

The Co-Founders state, “We enable our clients’ visions through customized designs that exceed their business goals and inspire the people that live, work, heal, play, and learn within them. We view every challenge as an opportunity for learning and never lose sight of the people we are designing for – regardless of the type of development, scale, scope, or geography involved.”


At ADS, the mantra for a strong and long-term client relationship lies in bold design solutions that are inspired by the confidence derived from honed insight, active listening, fearless entrepreneurialism, and a collaborative fusion of perspectives. Design performance achieved through constant innovation, accountability, hands-on service, cultivating talent, and being a champion for diversity.

Wishing to make a difference in society and life through their design; ADS has been working with various corporate sectors to private real-estate property owners to transform their vision/dream into reality. They also have been successful, since 2014 been working with Adani Realty on their affordable housing – ‘Aagan’ in NCR region and have joined hands with a French company ‘Decathlon’ to design their first Flagship store in Bengaluru.


ADS as a venture is neither Regionalist or nor Avant-garde. They follow what Tim Brown CEO of IDEO said, “Design thinking is a human-centered approach to innovation that draws from the designer’s toolkit to integrate the needs of people, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements for business success.” Primarily innovation for us lies in the interface of sustainability, feasibility, desirability, and viability.

In today’s context, India has been very progressive and taken a huge leap in the infrastructure development sector. Further, ‘Make in India’ Campaign has ignited a wave of start-ups to come to the front and exhibit their capacity and capabilities at national and international platforms.

“We are proud to be Indians and strongly believe in the idea of building our nation together with trust and commitment. Looking at the current demographic trends and a rapidly expanding economy and we are confident that our idea of relevant and social design is a game changer for an innovative and better future for the country” affirm the Co-Founders.


Innovation is in the DNA of ADS. They empower and encourage the team to ask the right questions to dwell deep into the core of the matter and respect constructive criticism on all the projects. This process allows building an intimate relationship with all the stakeholders.

They are the first in the region to go digital in terms of office and project management systems. The sole idea was to become Paperless and contribute to the ‘Go Green Movement’.  For the first time in the Architectural, design fraternity ADS has demonstrated through their various projects that co-existence of both nature and built environment is possible to achieve. Innovation is the core of any company. It can be of any nature but it requires a process, a conducive work environment, services, technologies, and business models.


Primarily ‘vision’ of the start-up is very crucial and also, the balance / sync between the innovations, inclusive planning, and its management is the ingredient for the success of any start up. Further, young, and enthusiastic team add value to the organization by bringing in varied cultural experiences and create dynamic working environments. Team building activities through workshops, national and international travel exposure at regular intervals encourage the team to perform w.r.t their capacity and capabilities.

The Co-Founders strongly believe, “Innovation is not only restricted to professional growth but also the personal life by balancing work and family. Freedom of action within a conducive work environment fuelled with natural light and ventilation increase the performance level of the organization.”


Atelier Dsync uses innovative technology depending on the requirement of the project context. They use Auto Cadd, Rhino and Grass-hopper like parametric software’s for the working system and have tied up with professional IT and Business Management companies to develop software and business strategies for the office and project management.

“I would like to reiterate that, we don’t have any specific style or trend of practice. Our constant engagement with client and site offers us the opportunity to generate out of the box design ideas” state the Co-founders.

Fortunately, they do not see any competitors in a way as they have chosen something that is an anomaly in conventional commercial design practice. Self-critical and progressive learners, they always try to go one level higher than the previous one.


In 2013, Ads started with 4000 square feet commercial building as their first project with three employees on board. Today after 6 years, we have crossed, 25 to 30 lakh square feet projects and reached a 25-employee studio having offices in both Surat and Gurugram. Company has seen 6-x growth in the last 6 years and the journey continues.

The proud Co-Founders further add, “Usually we do not apply for any awards, however, ADS received a nomination for young architects of the year 2013-14 and NDTV awards for 2014-15 and was selected for the prestigious National Architects and Interior Design Excellence Awards 2019 as the “Most Innovative Architecture Firm of the Year 2019” from Gujarat.”

ADS would love to continue working within the social design sector and expand the service horizon across pan India and abroad. They are looking for likeminded Corporates, government, semi-government, and private sectors to join hands with them to transform India into a habitable place.

Soon they would also come up with ADS foundation with a vision to document and research architecture, landscapes, cultures, and biodiversity and its relevance to design and innovation while expanding collaboration and networking pan India and abroad.

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