Thanks to the convenient access to technology that’s economical, there hasn’t been a better time than now, to start a business online.

All you need is a good internet connection and a system and you can hustle your way through a successful business idea sitting at home.

There are certain steps in a sequence that you can start with at the infancy stage of your business idea to give it an acceleration for starters. Even though if you are a pro or a seasoned entrepreneur, success will find its way in time. Let’s take a tour of the steps you can follow;


Several people out there believe that they need to work on the product first and the market later, that not true. The best way to introduce a product in the market is to first understand what the market is lacking and accordingly work towards it. Find the target audience and seek a solution to their problem, bringing a solution to their hindrances will add to your benefit.

This nature of research is easily available online, you can go through online forums, drop a survey, ask questions to people and figure out their hiccups. Look for popular keywords, but popular should not be a pitch of war, the keyword should be popular but not the kind the websites are fighting for.

Visit the websites of your competitors to understand how they are handling their customers and what difference can you make available that they aren’t. You can also survey their products and make the same better than what they already are making to attract customers.


For years there has been a proven way to successfully use content to make your selling process more impactful. Attractive product descriptions, right keywords, catchy briefs always attract customers. Arrange for a headline that’s arousing and precisely describe what kind of problems your product can solve.

Add as many testimonials as you can, as much as you feel no one reads them, people do read what the customer has to say for your product, this will amplify your credibility. Talk as much as you can about the product and what are its benefits, and offers to it as well. Add the details for guarantee, insurances, discounts, throw away prices, sales, etc. all this will lure your potential customer immensely.


If you have finalized your product and the market you are focusing on, the next step would be to design a website for your business. Do some web storming and look for some attractive designs, make a website that will hold the attention of your visitor. Remember that you hardly have a few seconds before your visitor switches tabs, so make something that holds them back and makes them want to go through your website and your product.

A few suggestions that could help you through would be to pick a design with a white solid background coupling with plain and readable fonts. The navigation should be even for all the pages and extremely user-friendly with appropriately spread graphics audio and video messages. You can also add an option to put the email, for you to later connect the customer through mailers. Make the buying process as easy as you can, filling too much information, go through too many pages only makes the customer lazy and they avoid that kind of hassle, hence avoid it. While making a website, the one thing that you have to remember is that your online portal is as good as your store, so make it user friendly as you can.


The easiest way to attract customers to your website is by promoting your website on social networks. You can also opt for PPC ads, they prove to be of great help as well. This will be better than waiting for the traffic to reach your website just organically. PPC ads permit you a buffer of experimenting with different keywords and spread them through your page which will eventually add to your organic traffic.

Use the social network to find as much information as you can. Include the link to your website at all the possible places, this is the most cost effective way of marketing your product and spreading a word. The more links you add, the more people are going to visit your website, read your content and understand your product.

Over the years, the World Wide Web has transformed ecstatically and what five years of change will do to the real world, one year of change does to virtual. But the principles of change remain the same, therefore, if you the entrepreneurial bug has bitten you, stick to the tricks. Follow the basics first and you will just not go wrong with growth and success.


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