How to Develop a Growth Mindset in Your Organization

How to Develop a Growth Mindset in Your Organization

Pulkit Sharma || The CEO Magazine

Fixated or growing, what mindset do you carry? Allegedly, we all come with two types of mindsets one is a fixed mindset and another is a growth mindset.

A person having a fixed mindset believes that they are born with a particular amount of talent and intelligence and it cannot be increased or decreased over time. This belief leads them to a delusion that things for which they have skills should come easily to them with little or no effort needed for success. Due to this, these people suffer from setback and mistakes throughout their life.

On the other hand, a person having a growth mindset has a belief that skills, intelligence and passion can be developed over time. They take every new obstacle as a challenge so that they can learn and stretch their capabilities. A major mantra for every growth-minded person is “Bring it on!” as they are ready for any challenge.

When we talk about the advantages of growth mindset culture in big corporations, almost every company with this culture believes that their employees are more innovative, collaborative, and committed to learning and growing. As a leader, one needs to cultivate learning and innovating culture as this will be the key factor that will help a company to outdistance the competition. Therefore, as a leader, you should know how you can develop a growth mindset in your team. Here are 4 ways you can cultivate a growth mindset within your organization.

  1. Place a high value on learning

In every company, there is funding for training and education and companies which are focused on growth mindset view learning as their blood. Development of employees is important as they will contribute to the company’s future success.

By promoting and developing new skills and experiences, you enhance the thinking capabilities of your team and hence promote innovation. As your team acquire new skills the productivity and motivation in organization increases.

  1. Admit when failures occur, and learn from them

Every great leader believes that failure is a part of the journey to success. They don’t dwell on failures instead they learn from it. Spending time with your employees and ask what went wrong and how we can overcome it is a quality of a true leader also ask them what they learned during the process. Always reward the efforts of your employees if you want your team to take creative risks. Promoting a learning culture will encourage your team to behave more ethically.

  1. Develop as many people as you can

People with a fixed mindset think that opportunities for success and recognition are limited to few top employees but they don’t realize that in a growth mindset organization leader’s work to develop their entire team, not just chosen ones. Business owners believe that ideas can come from anywhere so they work to expand the knowledge of the available talent hence result in success.

  1. Stay open to feedback

The biggest obstacle in an organization is when a leader is not open to feedback. Feedbacks are very helpful as it invites people to be truthful with you about what’s good in your product or service and what is not.

This is a true sign of growth mindset because when you are open to people opinion that means you are ready to change yourself for good. One of the important benefits of staying open to feedback is your team feels free to share things with you that can pre-empt failures or mistakes before they impact on your business.


Leveraging a growth mindset offers you and your organization a significant opportunity for innovation and success. Without a growth mindset, an organization cannot survive in the long run.

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