The inevitability of a skilled team in a startup is of great significance, regardless of how the idea for the startup is; the destiny at the end of the day is reliant on the skills innovation and expertise of the squad.

Your entire dream could slaughter down by merely one weak member of the team and can cause your business hefty losses in regards to innovative ideas, energy, cost and time, everything. There though are a few ways to be sure that you are bringing together a team that appropriately fits all the needs you may require to ace in your field;

  • SET THE POSITIONS RIGHT: the members who’ll hold the most significant places in your team would always be the founders. So before you go ahead and start looking for people to make a super team, sit with the co-founders and ensure all the verticals are split properly. Each one of you should know, who is taking care of which vertical within the startup. Say for example you are good at branding and your partner is techy, you can split the verticals accordingly and this also will further make the process of structuring the organization easier.

And once you have decided on who takes care of what part, you can go ahead and hire for the team. When you are identifying positions like programming, account management, sales, marketing or jobs in SEO, it’s vital to know the priority order and find people who can fit in the job accordingly. Strive to find people who hold expertise in a single field and aren’t a jack of all traders.

  • FULL TIME OR PART TIME: Make this decision before you start the hiring process, whether you need an employee full time or your work can be wrapped in part-time as well. You can get in touch with a few consultancies that provide talented advisors for the job like technical experts, industry celebrity managers. Domain experts and more. You can hire a designer as well, you don’t have to keep a full-time designer for a job that can be outsourced.

Taking a chance with an employee that works full time with you is far riskier than hiring someone part-time, there are no commitments with them and if you don’t like their work you can always find another to deliver better. It has been understood that people outsourcing in their initial phase of the business and then eventually moving towards full-time employees leverage a better set of skills.

  • THE RECRUITMENT PROCESS: If you successfully identify the right candidates for their jobs, you can go ahead with the recruitment process. The first step to hire is to interview and if this is your first time take one, you can always g through a few online contents to make sure you know you are asking all the right questions and to the right candidate. A few things to keep in mind before taking an interview are doing the necessary background check and understand the degrees are of relevance or not. If all are correct put the candidate through a few tests in regards to the field they are going to work in to test their abilities and check if they have the potency for it.

Hire the candidate if they do well and perfect is not the key, perfection comes on the job. Start their job process with smaller responsibilities to see if they can handle projects, deadlines and related things and gradually make them responsible for essential deals, once they have understood the working scenario and gotten used to the job.

During the time of these smaller projects, you can also asses if they are good at dealing with work pressure or urgent deadlines if they can coordinate with other team members in pressure or they hassle away. These things will help you make an informed decision for the future.

These are the three points that should be taken in consideration if you are going to build a team for your startup, and if you match up the above-mentioned criteria, the chances of you winning at the entrepreneurship game are only going to amplify and the chances of success are going to boom.


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