Hesol Consulting bridges the gap between emerging trends and demands of the industry

Hesol Consulting bridges the gap between emerging trends and demands of the industry

Almost over the last decade many companies have begun to realize the inherent value in their supply chain. Since the trend of consulting firms is evolving, companies are adopting their services to empower businesses. Incepted in 2013, Hesol Consulting is one the leading Management Consulting firms which has positioned itself strongly among the market. The company offers consulting and services in the field of Supply Chain, Warehousing and Logistics. Their Supply Chain and Logistics solutions help their clients achieve a strategic position of vantage in the current competitive business environment and there-by achieve sustainable competitive edge over competition. Hesol Consulting offers a wide variety of Supply Chain & Logistics Solutions across multiple sectors like Healthcare, FMCG, Retail, Automotive, Ecommerce, Agriculture and Banking.

Hesol Consulting is unique among consulting companies by strong capability and capacity to provide value at the strategic level as well as apply unparalleled tacit knowledge at the tactical/operational level. Strategy and planning, Solution design and Implementation are their general approach. Further, Hesol’s depth and breadth of expertise and experience across all aspects of supply chain management can be applied to any and all functional areas of modern supply chain management.

Hesol Consulting’s approach to logistics and supply chain management starts with a clear definition of the customer’s current and future service requirements. In many cases, this information is not readily available or does not provide the necessary detail required to undertake a thorough analysis of supply chain issues.

Hesol Consulting provides a robust market research methodology to assist the customer in developing an objective service policy, based on the internal and external logistics resources at their disposal.

Whether the focus is on strategy, operations or organizational change their people are committed to help clients improve their products and services, their business relationships, and their overall value. They accomplish these goals through an approach that combines a broad knowledge of business issues with a deep understanding of their specific industry. Their consultants are known for their highly collaborative, team-oriented approach to work with their clients and with each other.

They assist companies of all sizes to improve the performance of their supply chain and generate a greater return on their capital items and financial resources employed. Since inception, they have built an Organization, Process Frame-work and Workforce uniquely equipped to provide reliable and effective solutions to complex Supply Chain and Logistics business requirements.

Talking about differentiating factors during a chat with The CEO Magazine, Mr. Alvis Lazarus (Founder and CEO of Hesol Consulting) said: “We rely on Solution rather than a single product. We strongly believe business solution depends on the nature of the business problem, the sector and more importantly the business model of the client. In simple words ‘We focus on the business issue faced by the client and solve them with a solution which breaks even within a year’. In the phase of solving that, if we need help of tech, we implement that.

At HESOL, we never sell a product, rather we solve client’s business problems to help them increase their top line or save on their bottom line such that the P&L is healthy. This is what keeps us UNIQUE.”

Hesol’s experience across various industries translates into a differentiated value proposition and stimulates time-to-market for clients. The company delivers comprehensive services to sixty businesses including ECom Engine, Smart Inc, Curatio HealthCare, RentoMojo, ISCEA, Rocket Internet, OnCFO, HealClinic, MyFundBucket and many more. Hesol Consulting’s transparent, efficient and flexible world class consulting services process zero downs risks of project failures and creates productive solutions that meet present as well as future demands. So far the company has completed 100+ supply chain projects and delivered 10 million USD in value Prop to the clients. For their marvelous efforts, the company was featured as “Top 25 Most Promising Retail Consultants of Year 2016” by one of leading business magazine in India.

Talking about road ahead during a chat with The CEO Magazine, Ms. Hemalatha T (Founder and COO of Hesol Consulting), said that “We are currently valued at 5 Million USD with an active project run rate of 10. Our goal is to have an active project run rate of 30+ and take up the valuation of organization to 100 Million USD in next 5 Years.

In next 3-5 years, we would revolutionize the Supply chain consulting space and HESOL would be the name which small and medium sized organizations will remember when they hit a road block in their business.”

The Spirits behind the success

Alvis Lazarus (Founder and CEO)

Alvis Lazarus is a ‘Senior Leader in Supply Chain & Logistics with more than a decade (15 Years) of SCM hands-on experience in devising Country Level and Global Supply chain strategies, Solutions design and spear heading Supply chain Implementation across 10+ Countries.
He has handled All India Operations at 3M, Flipkart and Commonfloor and also served in a Global Consultant Role with Caterpillar. He is a Certified Lean & Six Sigma MBB and Champion – coached more than 500+ Lean and Six Sigma Green belts and Black Belts. Alvis holds the distinction of driving Supply Chain programs across various industries such as Retail, E-Commerce, Automotive, FMCG, Health Care, Manufacturing and Real Estate.
Global Exposure on handling Operations and leading Supply chain, Warehousing & Logistics Projects across EMEA, APAC & AMERICAS Regions.

Hemalatha T (Founder and COO)

Hemalatha is a global mentor for women entrepreneurs and strongly believes in Women Empowerment and entrepreneurship. She also cofounded ecommerce venture – A rural retail start up. Currently mentoring a herbal product firm to set up their online-offline and fundraising fronts and also coaching few other start-ups. She worked as supply chain consultant in Caterpillar Logistics India pvt ltd, Neovia Logistics and Ma Foi Analytics serving clients across US, Europe and APAC regions. Her core expertise is eCommerce, supply chain, warehousing and Processes. She is a certified six sigma green belt and black belt trained.


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