Fitness Wearable maker Boltt Sports aims to bring advanced technology at affordable prices

Fitness Wearable maker Boltt Sports aims to bring advanced technology at affordable prices

Sports enthusiastArnav Kishore has been a disrupter in the fitness-technology sector. This young athlete has won an international tennis championship, at a young age of 18. He deeply understood the challenges in the health & fitness industry and therefore conceptualized his health and fitness brand Boltt Sports and gave his life to it. In this digital age, the wearable products are going to be more valuable than the ornaments, he believed.

Fronted by fitness freak and gadget aficionadoKishore, Boltt Sports Technologies is a homegrown fitness technology brand that aims to bring advanced technology at affordable prices to masses. Constant innovation is the main mantra behind the company’s success.

Bening asked to talk about Boltt’s inception, Arnav Kishore, who laid the foundation stone of Boltt two years ago, said, “the vision behind the Boltt was essentially to come up with a brand that houses technologically advanced fitness products/devices that fall in affordable prices. Consequently, making fitness technology accessible to masses. The reason why we wanted to do so was because we wanted to encourage more and more people in India and US, to engage in self care by opting for self – driven fitness mediums that aid an individual in doing so and help him in enhancing his overall health and lifestyle.”

Boltt Sports has already engulfed the market of US and India in the particular domain within a very short span of time. Based out of Noida, Boltt has delivered thousands of products and they have been optimally satisfied with the quality of services and results they have got. The growing demand of their products speaks volumes of the impeccable quality of services, commitment to customer’s interests and matchless passion and professionalism of Boltt Sports Technologies. The firm takes pride to have over eighty employees who are committed to make Boltt a valuable company. These employees include technical staff, web and app developers. Owing to its growth in recent times, the firm has received an investment of about 1 million USD, which is from both angel and external investors.

“Our value proposition is the AI enabled health assistant “B” which is present in the form of a text coach and audio coach. The competitive advantage that we have over our counter parts is that we’re providing comprehensive solutions in terms of health and fitness to our customers. Our revenue model is based on the sales of our hardware which is through our website and global E-commerce market places such as and for the apps it is via subscriptions through iOS App Store,” Arnav Kishore asserted.

With its verticalization strategy and pioneering technology-based innovations, Boltt has been rentlessly working to introduce more products to further accelerate their growth.

“Precisely why we intend to introduce more products in future that are even more advanced and futuristic in nature, in terms of technology. The brand would also consider to work on coming up with stores for its products across the country and gradually in other target countries, over a course of time. The same would be done in order to make the products more accessible to the masses,” the company revealed.

Establishing its position in the market, Boltt has bagged several prestogious awards . Their recently launched App was featured as “App of the Week” by Apple Inc., and ranked on the 8th position on the Indian App Store in just a week of its launch. Leading business dailyThe Economic TimesfeaturedBoltt in the World’s Top 10 Hottest Start-Upscategory.The fitness-tech firm has also been featured by CNBC as the Top 10 Start-Ups Around the World.

Under Arnav’s able stewardship Boltt Sports Technologies is bound to reach new milestones and empower local and international clients with cutting edge digital technologies and wearables. In Arnav’s word, “my biggest dream is to see Boltt turning into an internationally well-known brand and to help give life to the dreams of those who have extra-ordinary dreams but minimal resources.”

Arnav Kishore,who nurtures the passion to scale new heights of success through empowering health consious people, is certain the company is poised to change the landscape of fitness technology and bring about a disruption in the marketplace.

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