Eswasthya Mediserve Pvt. Ltd: Your Digital Healthcare Expert

Eswasthya Mediserve Pvt. Ltd: Your Digital Healthcare Expert

While the established and traditional businesses’ performance is nothing new, the enthusiastic involvement of startups is making numerous modernization in the community. These companies and their leaders are equipped with a perfect combination of skills, resources, intelligence, and resilience required to maintain a scalable business. And, Mr Yash Shah fits perfectly into the above picture. An alumni of Gujarat Technological University, he is the man behind the brand E-swasthya Mediserve Pvt. Ltd- one of the largest socio-economic e-commerce platforms dealing in a complete sphere of health-related assistance and on-demand medication delivery. During a conversation with The CEO Magazine, Yash sketches the chronicles of Eswasthya, “In the healthcare segment, Affordable is not available and available is not affordable, hence, in order to reach out to each person in India for his/her better health and wellness services in a cost affordable manner gets strenuous. In India, there lies the absence of a one-stop solution for healthcare services competent to cover both urban and rural areas. Eswasthya got conceptualized to resolve this hindrance. The genesis of Eswasthya got implanted in the year 2014 with a vision to cater into multi-dimensional range of pharmaceutical merchandise and services. E-swasthya owns and operates the Internet-based portal and a mobile application that facilitated people to order medicine, surgical items, pathology services, body checkup plans, and other services through their mobile phone, computer or laptop. Our service chain delivers health and wellness products/services into your home in Ahmedabad, Nashik, and Vadodara, and India. It is only two and half years old and in this short time, it has gained great reputation and stability in the market. Today, we are proudly engaged in offering a wide assortment of medical support to people with our team of expert and knowledgeable professionals.”

What Makes Eswasthya Unique?

As a unique healthcare online extension, Eswasthya, as a one-stop healthcare destination is making efforts to reinvent technology for making the process accessible and reliable. The company’s vision is to play an effectual role in affording each person’s needs- from complete body check-up, free sample collection to pathological services, surgery, gym, salon and more. The multi-feature based service makes it stand out of the crowd. Yash always wanted to smear his skills on creative ideas. He blended his focus and energy to introduce innovative products in the market and he took a revolutionary leap by going out of the ordinary, where no one has gone before. The uniqueness of Eswasthya is fuelled by certain factors such as;

  • Eswasthya is the consequence of an innovative idea that offers medical service 24*7 on discounted price. Earlier, the patient had to travel village to city and one agency to other for any of their health need where they pay high charges.
  • The company supplies all these essential services which are common need of healthcare at their doorstep with some special discounts.
  • The repeat medicine facility, free home delivery and ‘anywhere any medicine ‘concept preserve an exclusive stage for this creation.
  • E-Swasthya team manages one’s health record without papers and files. Hence, one doesn’t need to carry any physical health data to the hospital; he or she can upload the prescription’s image and place the order.

Clients & Area of Expansion

 In Gujarat, approx. two crore patients are taking medicines on a regular basis for minor to major reasons. But because of their hectic schedule, they are not getting enough time to visit the medical store regularly. Added to the problem, almost every medical store and clinic has its own deals which is enforced indirectly on the people to buy medicines from a particular place without any discount or offer, thus making it an expensive purchase. Changing this horizon, Eswasthya supports them to get medicines at the actual price. Swayed by this, people are harnessing the deftness of the brand. Currently, the company has more than 40 thousand customers including individual, institutions, companies, and communities and it operates in Ahmedabad, Nasik, and Vadodara. Recently, the digital medicine supplier raised undisclosed fund from Lothal Angel Ventures.

Key Achievements

Assisted in a project of PHC CHC with Govt. of Gujarat

A walk of words with the leader himself

Yash Shah

Yash Shah initiated the Eswasthya to resolve the elemental issues of accessibility in the health sector. Yash completed his Bachelor in Computer Engineering in 2014 from Shree Durga Vidyalaya. In July 2013 during his study, he entered into the entrepreneurial world by taking responsibility as the CEO of GreyLine Infotech and the former was followed by chairing as the founder of Eswasthya

Here are few shots of the candid conversation held with him in line with his professional journey and the endeavour of the brand, Eswasthya.

Edited Excerpts

Tell us about your first paying customer.

We have one community named SVVP which gave us 15000 customers to serve.

How much equity and debt has the company raised; what is the capitalization structure?

We have got 25% equity in the market where we raised more than 50 lakhs for investment.

At the moment, how do you measure success? What are your metrics?

For us serving one region with all services and catering to all villages of their area where these services are needed is the real success. More customer, More services users, More services penetration to the same customer.

How big is the market opportunity? What is the actual addressable market?

Today, 34.7 crore people need medicine each year from where total 70% are addressable.

What percentage of the market do you plan to get over what period of time?

We plan to get over by 3% of the total in the next 5 years.

What are the major product milestones?

The major product milestones is the best services with a personal touch in the backend. We are the only company giving this kind of services.

Did you have access to the various resources you need to launch a business?

As we have been in the market for a long time, so we have a lot of resources.

What are the challenges that your company currently faces?

Interconnectivity in the state is a major concern.

Have you reached out to potential customers for feedback?

Yes, we have reached 1 lakh customer for feedback.

Road ahead

The company boosts growth in different segment of health sector and it is doing the expansion. To make it happen it aims to cover 17000 villages for the same services.


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