APS Lifetech: streamlining the living in different domains through innovative solutions

APS Lifetech: streamlining the living in different domains through innovative solutions

India’s startups and enterprises have been painting an increasingly positive picture in the field of innovation over the last couple of years and have created a number of innovative techniques, strategies, and technologies in the market. APS Lifetech is one of the incredibly innovative companies and one-stop solution providers in the life sciences domain. It was initiated in December 2012 in Pune, India with a mission to advance knowledge of basic biological sciences and apply its research discoveries to improve human health, protect environment and enrich the economy.

APS Lifetech is an ISO 9001:2008 certified NABL accredited Lab, CE, ISO-13485, WHO-GMP certified organization. It is a subsidiary of USP Biologics, UK with its independent operations in India. It has a team of expert and efficient scientists with domain expertise; APS is involved in multi-domain markets with different brands such as Molecular Biology with the brand name “APS LABS” and other Sub Brands like, it manufactures IVF range of product with the brand name “Vitricell”, Specialised Labwares“EZYAPS”, Molecular Diagnostics”DIAGNOVA”, Agriculture Biology” AgriTechDx”, and Stem cell with the brand name “CytoStem”. APS LABS provide the best quality Products to National and International renowned manufacturers in the area of Biotechnology, Molecular biology, Cell-biology, Immunology, and Genomics. The company has varied clients across India including AIIMS, CSIR, IIT, NCBS, ICMR, NCCS, ICAR and many more in India and International clients such as NOTTINGAM UNIVERSITY, CLEVELAND UNIVERSITY, WARWICK UNIVERSITY, UCSI UNIVERSITY, NUS, KOREA UNIVERSITY, YONSEI UNIVERSITY and many more

APS Lifetech has integrated the best systems in sourcing, testing, warehousing, and logistics. Additionally, it is striving hard to collaborate with the next generation of scientists, physicians, medical researchers of 21st-century.

To get a deeper insight into APS Lifetech and its innovations the editorial team of The CEO Magazine spoke to Dr Paritosh Shekhar, the founder of the company.

Here are edited excerpts.

Throw life on the offering under the Hat of APS Lifetech.

We offer both products & services under these domains:

  • Nanotechnology
  • Healthcare
  • Agriculture
  • Genomics
  • Food safety
  • Infertility
  • Molecular Diagnostics
  • Cell Biology
  • Forensic Science
  • Biorobotics

APS Lifetech offers both products & services for the above domains and owns 19 patents in the above arena.  It also develops tailor-made solutions that meet evolving needs.

What are your major innovations to resolve the problems of the community?

As we are working in different domains, we have customized advanced solutions in each sector. In healthcare, we have markers, e.g., if someone is about to have cardiac arrest then these markers will alarm patient, at least 6 months prior to cardiac arrest so that they can change their lifestyle and habits.

In Agriculture, we have come up with a unique DRONE to support farmers. It reduces cost, as it uses only 10% of the pesticide and saves 90% of pesticide to enter the water level. At the same time, it reduces manpower, time duration, and makes the process faster.  E. g., one acre of land can be spread in three hours with no manpower and 90% left pesticide.

Most of the farmers are not aware of which crop to be produced with changing climate and soil natures. For that, we have introduced a small device that is used to measure temperature, humidity, PH moisture, EC of the soil, on these parameters we will run our own database to find out which crop can give maximum yield and profit to the farmer.  We have biofertilizers as efficient that one kg would be enough for one acre of land.

Pestifree is another product; it effectively removes the pesticide from your food chain and increases the shelf-life of fruits, vegetables, and other cereals.

In Genomics, we are into NGS (next-generation sequencing) and with its support; we are working on the next level of molecular diagnostics and focusing on Gene-based probable diseases. We also have fragile X yield Y chromosome microdeletion kit in collaboration with ICMR.

In Forensic we have come up with in-house STR21, STR24, STR27 Plex kits.

Differentiating factors

The key driver is an innovation which differentiates a company from other companies. We believe to work with an ethical, substantial yet profitable business. We make sure whatever products/ services are offered by the company are affordable to everyone. Cost-effective solution with quality is our priority. 

Global Presence

We have offices in Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, and Delhi. Internationally, we are in Dubai, London, Nigeria, and Korea.

The company would soon start a new brand which will be known as “APSLine” for antibody production in Gujarat.


Thermo Fisher Scientific, Takara, Qiagen etc.

Define Innovation in your own words.

Today, what we call an innovation might become generic solution tomorrow. We always need to test our hypothesis & check the outcome, which is time tested. We make sure, whatever innovation we offer should add value to our customers & end users.

Present your view on the role of innovation. 

Innovation is one of the key & driving forces for a startup. Further, we strongly feel that (LUCK) labor under correct knowledge, compassion, urge, and dedication towards your work would define your company’s virtue. Also, patience, consistent learning, out of the box thinking, and ready to act in a competitive environment, would make you a successful startup.

What are some of the biggest impediments to innovation in your organization or industry sector?

Improper planning, partial or non-tested POC (proof of concept), Negligence of small ideas, Unavailability of many components, and resources are the key impediments to innovation.

Award & Recognition

  • CE certificates for Products
  • WHO: GMP Certificate for Manufacturing
  • WHOSWHO: USA Award
  • Entrepreneur Award
  • Top 20 Biotechnology Award for the Year 2018

What are your future plans?

We have plans to grow both organically as well as inorganically at the rate of 25 to 30 percent CAGR. We are planning to increase our penetration in rural areas. We have already signed two joint venture one with a Korean company and another with a Japanese company to start manufacturing in forensic science and molecular research Kits. APS Lifetech has eyed its focus also towards Infertility segments by the manufacturing of IVF disposables. Besides, we are starting a chain of Infertility genetic diagnostics with Brand name Reprogenex across India in next 6 to 8 months. These additional joint ventures and new ventures would boost up our sales growth and shape up the road map.

Piece of Advice

Any aspirant having passion & dedication with the right knowledge can become a successful Entrepreneur.

Potent Leadership

Dr Paritosh Shekhar

APS Lifetech is the brainchild of Dr Paritosh Shekhar. He is the founder of the firm and has years of expertise with MNCs like Millipore, BD, and Thermo Fisher, etc. He believes in the value system of life and is very passionate about success. Paritosh holds decorate degree in biotechnology, certification in infertility from American embryology Institute, Advanced PGD/PGS from embryotools SPAIN, Six Sigma Black belt certification from SSIM, USA, Clinical research from Symbiosis International University, MBA in Biotech Management from MITCON. He also holds an advanced strategic management degree from IIM Kolkata.

The cost and quality of products & services will drive the business; however, the leaps & bounces in business can only be driven by INNOVATION. – Paritosh Shekhar

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